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How to consume CBD wax?

There are many ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Whether you choose pure products such as oil and flowers or enriched products such as a cream or an infusion, you will improve your well-being by using CBD. According to its form, it will have different concentrations and thus more or less intense effects. This variety makes it possible to find a use of CBD adapted to our needs and our habits. A slightly less known format of CBD is wax, also called CBD wax. When you use CBD wax, you will experience more effects since it is generally more concentrated than other CBD products.

What is CBD wax

CBD wax is actually CBD wax extracted from hemp. It has a rather hard texture that can be broken down into small pieces. This can have a concentration of over 80% CBD depending on the varieties used initially and the manufacturing method.

The manufacturing method of CBD wax

To obtain it, it is possible to use two different methods: solvent extraction and CO2 extraction. Both of these methods are used to recover CBD sap. When using the method with solvent, it will be necessary to take care to remove them afterwards to obtain a natural product. As for the CO2 extraction, it is healthier, but also more expensive.

From the CBD sap, it takes a few more steps to obtain wax. First of all, it must be distilled to remove impurities and all the elements that we are not interested in, such as THC. Indeed, to respect the legislation in force, it is necessary to reduce the rate of THC to less than 0,2%. By distilling the sap, we end up with several different elements, including CBD oil and vegetable fat.

Now that we have these elements, we need to whip what we just extracted until we have wax. Depending on how it's going to be whipped, it's not going to have the same texture, so how you use it can vary.

The effects of CBD wax

Like any CBD product, the effects are similar with CBD wax. However, they will be more intense because it is highly concentrated. Thus, when you use it, you will feel a significant well-being in your body and mind. Some of its benefits include a relaxation of the body that helps to reduce pain and tension as well as a mental calming that facilitates sleep and stress reduction.

When using CBD wax, be careful with the dosages you use. Since it's more concentrated than CBD flowers or oil, it's recommended to start with small amounts of wax and adjust as you feel. If this is your first time trying CBD, look into less concentrated products before testing wax, this will allow you to know in advance how you react to CBD.

What are the different types of CBD wax?

We know that CBD can come in many ways including in wax form, but did you know that there are also several types of CBD wax? They all have the same effects, it's in the texture and concentration that you can see differences.

The Shatter

Shatter has a dense, brittle and rather hard texture. When you heat it, for example to vapourize it, it becomes a bit more liquid like thick caramel. This texture is obtained after many distillations and filterings whose objective is to get rid of the maximum of other residues. It thus remains almost only of CBD. Shatter is therefore very concentrated; when you use it, you feel the effects of CBD intensely.

The Budder

Smoother, but also waxy, Budder is the closest thing to Shatter in terms of intensity. Its texture, comparable to whipped butter, is difficult to achieve. You have to find the right temperature and movement when preparing it to find the right balance between agitation and heat. Once found, it will be easier to produce Budder.

The Crumble

With a drier, crumblier texture, Crumble can be divided into two categories: the Wax Crumble and the Sugar Crumble. The difference between the two lies in their fat contents. The Wax Crumble contains more fat, so it is more solid and breaks down into larger pieces. Conversely, Sugar Crumble is more brittle and can be ground into powder.

The Live Resin

The extraction method for Live Resin is special. Cryogenically frozen CBD flowers are used to produce it in order to preserve a maximum of terpenes. In the end, you end up with wet wax with intense flavors. Unfortunately, this method is expensive and complex and therefore Live Resin is more expensive.

Other CBD concentrates

Other products are obtained in much the same way as CBD wax, but they are much more solid and therefore not considered wax. Examples include Honeycomb, which looks like honeycomb because of the holes on its surface created by the purge pump, as well as Amber Glass, which is very pure, but also very hard.

How to use CBD wax

To be able to enjoy the benefits of CBD wax, it will all depend on the type of wax you choose. Generally speaking it's a bit like CBD flowers, you can vaporize it or cook it. These two techniques are totally different, and there are others, but these are the easiest and healthiest to do.

To vaporize your CBD wax, simply put it in the chamber of a vaporizer provided for this purpose. This method allows you to precisely dose your CBD and create inhalations customized to your needs. To make sure you feel the effects of the wax, you need to balance your dosage properly. If your chosen type of wax cannot be melted or is too thick to vaporize, you can always ingest it by mixing it with an oil to keep under your tongue for a few seconds.

In cooking, as always you need to combine CBD with a fat to be able to assimilate it well. Butter, oil, milk or cream are very practical neutral and fatty supports to use to make dishes or pastries. Depending on the wax you use, you will need to melt, powder or crumble it before incorporating it into your fat.

So CBD wax is a very interesting product to use. Even if at first glance it may seem complex to tame, its effects are such that it would be a shame not to try it!

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