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Apple stands out from its competitors and revises its legislation in favor of CBD

CBD is constantly being talked about and more and more people are being converted. Everyone is getting into it, even big companies like Apple, who didn't want to hear about CBD sales or delivery on their app store.

Increased demand for this versatile substance

Known by various names such as "medical cannabis" or "medical cannabis," CBD is a substance that is being consumed more and more every day due to its interesting health and wellness benefits in general.

Today, people prefer to treat their sleep disorders and anxiety issues or even supplement their treatment for neurological diseases, such as Parkinson's or MS, by using cannabidiol-based products. In addition, CBD is also used to quickly alleviate skin infections.

Apple's policy update: CBD allowed on its platform

While Apple previously banned all CBD sales and delivery services from being present on the Apple Store, the global smartphone market leader has recently revised its stance. Now, it will be possible to obtain CBD products through its platform, under certain conditions.

On June 7, 2021, the American company published the new version of its legislation. It includes all the rules as well as the conditions that all applications must comply with. Indeed, before they can be available and accessible to all users on the Apple Store, they must be approved by the Apple service.

The restrictions established require that the CBD portion of the apps be available only in regions where the sale and consumption of the substance is legally permitted. The program, meanwhile, will not be the business of an individual developer since it must be subject to the control of a legal entity capable of handling the necessary services.

Android and Google Play camp on their positions

In contrast to Apple, whose vision regarding cannabidiol products has completely evolved, its competitors want to remain firm by continuing to strictly prohibit the sale of such products on their platform. To allow the presence of this kind of applications is for them too risky.

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