Le CBD soulage-t-il la dermatite chez le chien

Is CBD effective against dermatitis in dogs?

Mammals are a class of vertebrate living beings. The dog is an integral part of this class. It is one of the closest animals to man. They live together and benefit from each other. This is why man must take care of the dog of all the affections it can suffer. One of them is dermatitis. Is CBD an effective treatment for this canine disease? Yes, it is because it has anti-inflammatory properties. We will discuss the subject further in the rest of this essay.

What is canine dermatitis?

Commonly known as "atopic dermatitis," this condition belongs to the category of inflammatory skin diseases. This one causes dogs to be very itchy. In veterinary jargon, experts refer to it as "pruritus". Dermatitis is also known to cause redness in the dermis, rendering the impression that the dog is suffering from eczema.

Note that this infection usually develops on the ears, eyes, and the pet's belly. Sometimes, atopic dermatitis does not spare its victim's eyes either. Despite the fact that it is a widespread disease that only affects dogs, it is not as dangerous as it seems. However, for the dog to live in good conditions, it is necessary for the dog to undergo long-term veterinary treatment. Moreover, CBD is also known to overcome this chronic disease.

Dermatitis is a condition known to develop very early in dogs. Thus, it is possible that your pet may suffer from it if they are between six months and three years old. Since it is a chronic condition, your dog will never suffer from it again once it is cured.

What causes dermatitis in dogs?

The main cause of dermatitis is relative to the genetics of the dog suffering from it. In fact, you should know that certain breeds of dogs naturally have a certain predisposition to this disease. Bulldogs, Labradors, Boxers, and Beaucerons are the main breeds affected. When genetics are involved, dermatitis damages the protective barrier of the dog's skin. Once it is weakened, the skin no longer plays its role. As a result, the animal's skin becomes highly sensitive to allergens that swarm in the immediate environment.

In the dog, two types of dermatitis have been discovered. The first variant is known as "moderate dermatitis". The latter is characterized by the occurrence of certain infrequent attacks. In most cases, it requires occasional treatment. The second type of dermatitis is the most severe form of dermatitis since it causes the animal to have very severe attacks. Unlike the first variant, severe dermatitis requires special attention as well as more than permanent treatment.

In addition to genetics, a disruption of the animal's immune system can also cause the disease. Here, this disruption of the dog's natural defenses is the basis for intrinsic dermatitis. It is so-called because its triggering factor is internal. Most of the time, the derangement we are talking about comes from food poisoning or the use of certain medications.

What are the symptoms of dermatitis in dogs?

The dog suffering from dermatitis becomes exposed to a multitude of allergens. Among these, it can be put forward dust mites, small insect bites without forgetting certain plants. Allergens contained in certain foods can also cause an attack. As soon as the animal comes into contact with the above-mentioned elements, an unprecedented itching reaction ensues. This leads to strong skin lesions. These are the typical symptoms of canine dermatitis.

However, the animal is also likely to develop non-typical symptoms. In this particular case, it is observable on its skin pimples as well as heavy bleeding. Sometimes, the lips and eyes are swollen. In terms of atypical symptoms, remember that the dog may engage in self-mutilation to relieve the itching caused by the disease. In this particular case, you will definitely notice the self-injurious markings involved.

Use CBD to treat dermatitis in dogs.

One of the most effective remedies for dermatitis turns out to be cannabidiol. In fact, the CBD oil for dogs marketed on our platform contains cannabidiol as well as CBDA. These are the two constituents that have shown great success in treating this infection in canines. This was demonstrated in a recent study. During this one, scientists were able to observe the reduction of itching provoked by the disease. Also, almost all owners reported no side effects following the treatment of the disease with CBD. Although steroids prescribed by veterinarians seem to work, they are not as effective as CBD. Therefore, CBD oil for dogs should not be overlooked in the fight against the development of dermatitis in the animal.

Is CBD oil the only effective form of cannabidiol?

It is possible that CBD could be used in any form to treat dermatitis in dogs. However, it is difficult to easily use the other forms of cannabidiol on the dog except for this oil. What makes this one practical is that it can be applied directly to the animal's skin.

Should a veterinarian be consulted before any use of CBD oil on the dog?

It is vital to take professional advice before using CBD on the dog. This is to avoid possible overdose.

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