Does CBD help with fractures in cats?

Cannabidiol is a molecule found in the hemp plant. According to numerous studies, it is very beneficial for mammals. In this case, is CBD effective in the case of fractures in cats? Yes, it promotes healing. To achieve this, cannabidiol gets fully assimilated by the cat's endocannabinoid system. Its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties subsequently help the cat's body to better heal the bone fissure. We'll discuss this topic further in the body of this essay.

What is a fracture in a cat?

All vertebrate animals are likely to experience a fracture. This is actually a partial or complete breakage of one or more bones. In mammals, it is possible for the fracture to occur in several places on the bone.

There are many reasons why a bone crack may occur in a cat. It can indeed be due to osteoporosis or even a violent fall. A fracture can also be the result of a shock. Fatigue fracture is also one of the many causes of a broken bone in a cat. Regardless of the reason for the fracture, the resulting wound may remain closed or open. In the case where it has an opening, it causes a tear in the animal's skin.

Furthermore, the bone is quite capable of having shifted with or without its fragments. Some scientific studies have shown that kittens as well as young cats are often victims of a specific type of fracture. This is called green wood fracture. If they are often the most affected, it is because of their young age. In fact, since they are still in the early stages of growth, their skeleton is unfortunately not yet as strong as that of an adult cat. At this age, the skeleton is soft and can break like a branch of green wood. The important nuance to understand here is that the bone of the young cat will not break. It will twist while causing bone tears in the cat.               

How to make the diagnosis of a fracture in the cat

cat fracture

If you suspect that your pet has broken a bone, don't hesitate to seek urgent veterinary advice. In order to check whether a fracture is indeed present in the animal, the expert will not fail to ask the necessary questions. These are mainly related to the circumstances and the time of the injury of the animal. As soon as he is aware of all this information, he then proceeds to the clinical examinations. He will take an X-ray of the fractured bone. This is the only way for the veterinarian to confirm the diagnosis. X-rays offer the possibility of pinpointing the exact location of the bone fracture. After confirmation, the veterinarian can possibly look for other breaks on the fractured bone.

How to recognise a cat with a fracture.

When your pet finds itself in such a situation, it tends to seek refuge. It will also seek to limit its movements enormously because of the pain. If you pay attention, you will notice that he will walk with a limp on the broken part. The cat will also not fail to make untimely meows, as it is in great agony.                  

What treatment does the vet have in store for a cat with a fracture?

After the veterinarian has made a diagnosis and located the location of the fracture, he or she proceeds to care for the animal. The manoeuvre is the same as in humans. To allow the fracture to heal, the veterinarian must put the broken bone back in place. This is done manually to restore the bone to its normal anatomical position. Depending on the severity of the fracture, a surgical method may be used. Afterwards, the treated area is immobilised so that the bone can remain in place to allow it to heal as soon as possible. The vet will prescribe painkillers to the cat's owners to relieve the pain the animal feels after the operation. This is where CBD comes in.

CBD and its bone healing effects

cat in treatment

It is quite possible that the vet would prescribe CBD as it has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. It is believed to aid recovery from fractures in mammals. These are the results of experiments conducted on rats at the University of Jerusalem. These experiments revealed that cannabidiol improves the biomechanical properties relating to recovery from fractures in mammals. In other experiments, scientists concluded that cannabidiol is an excellent stimulator of enzymes responsible for collagen cross-linking. This is the protein synthesised by the body in order to promote the reconstruction of connective tissue.

This is the first time that the body has used cannabidiol to stimulate collagen.

This is actually the reason why we offer the best CBD-based cat products for sale on our platform. Thus, you have the possibility to get CBD oil for cats for example. This comes in a small 10 ml bottle. There are also other variants of CBD on our platform such as:

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How does CBD work in the cat's body

Like any mammal, cats have their own endocannabinoid system. It is the receptors that make up this vast network that capture the chemical compound CBD. This is how the effect of CBD spreads gradually through the cat's body. As a result, it benefits from its analgesic and soothing properties over the long term.

Should CBD replace other treatments prescribed by the veterinarian?

CBD should never take the place of medications and other treatments recommended by the veterinarian. Indeed, cannabidiol is certainly effective, but it is not yet recognised as an official treatment. This is why you should not substitute it for veterinary prescriptions.

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