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Czech Republic about to allow industrial hemp with 1% THC

Accepted in June 2021, a bill to increase the THC limit in industrial hemp plants to 1% plans to come into force and become a new law by January 2022. To do so, it must first be signed by the country's president, Milos Zeman, and approved by the Senate for final validation. However, the fact that the date has already been announced bodes very well for the future, according to experts.

A considerable relaxation of the rules regarding the THC content in finished hemp products

By passing this new law raising the amount of THC allowed in hemp to 1%, the Czech Republic would come into line with the United States, Canada and even Switzerland or Australia, while far exceeding the future threshold of the European Union, which intends to increase the THC limit in hemp by 2023 to 0.3%.

The current maximum THC level not to be exceeded, which is 0.2%, allows for a yield of up to 7% CBD, while the increased level with a 1% THC plant, meanwhile, would result in a product that naturally contains up to 30% CBD. Scientists explain that a ratio of 1/30 should be considered.


Encouraging measures for traditional farmers

Besides, finished hemp products, which are less than 1% THC, are not considered addictive substances and as such would not be affected by the fight against drug abuse in the country. This would include products such as extracts and tinctures, which could then be available for sale in the Czech Republic.

The new limit is encouraged by the Czech government's decision to allow the use of cannabis in the Czech Republic.

This new limit is encouraging especially for CBD producers because, an increase in THC levels inevitably leads to higher CBD levels as well. Furthermore, they will have, thanks to these new measures, less risk of exceeding the allowed THC level with their crops. Finally, it means that through their move, the Czech parliamentarians are on the way to forcing France to accept CBD products containing 1% THC to be imported and sold within the hexagone.

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