What is MCT oil?

What is MCT oil? This product extracted from coconut oil is mainly composed of fatty acid and its consumption brings benefits to our body. Thanks to the popularity of the keto diet and the properties of the fats that make up MCT oil, sportsmen and women and people who follow the ketogenic diet are getting a lot of benefits from consuming it. In this article, we give you the definition of MCT oil and the benefits of combining it with CBD.

Naturally occurring in coconut oil, MCT oil contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT).

These triglycerides are rich in fatty acids and are mainly composed of carbon and glycerol. The most represented acids in coconut oil are:

  • acide caproïque (C6) ;

  • acide caprylique (C8) ;

  • acide caprique (C10) ;

  • acide laurique (C12).

The "C" represents the element carbon and the number after it represents the number of carbon atoms.

MCT oil is therefore a natural product composed of saturated fatty acids, extracted from the coconut. Only elements or lipids that are not beneficial to health are removed, including unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic acid, oleic acid, etc.).

What are the benefits of MCT oil?

Each of the fatty acids listed above has benefits for your health. We present their health benefits to you, except for capronic acid.

MCT C6 oil

Capronic or caproic acid is very low in coconut oil. Although its oxidation is facilitated by the low amount of carbon, your body is at risk of developing an upset stomach. You therefore do not find C6 in MCT oils.


MCT C8 oil

Caprylic acid is dosed at about 8% in coconut fruit oil. You also find it in butter, palm oil and breast milk. The advantage of this acid is that it is quickly metabolised and then used as an energy source.

C8 oil is also ingested to reduce gastrointestinal health problems. Among them, you can treat imbalances in the intestinal flora or abdominal bloating.

Finally, MCT C8 oil appears to have a beneficial effect on hypertension (high blood pressure).

MCT C10 oil

Capric acid is excellent for promoting an increase in the amount of "good" cholesterol (HDL) relative to "bad" cholesterol (LDL). Found at around 9% in coconut oil, you can also find it in goat's and cow's milk.

Aiding fat loss and muscle development are other virtuous properties of C10 oil.

MCT Oil C12

Lauric acid per se is not an MCT. It is a long chain lipid and must be processed by the liver, unlike biological MCTs.

When you ingest MCT oil, it's all the fatty acids your body will assimilate via the digestive tissue. By combining mainly C8 and C10, you will promote fat loss, improve your cognitive functions and increase your energy level. In addition, MCT oil helps you better assimilate certain nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin E and magnesium.


Finally, MCT oil can be combined with coffee. This combination is called Bulletproof Coffee and the beneficial effects of this combination are a prolonged appetite suppressant while energizing your mind.

Where to buy MCT oil?

The rise of the ketogenic diet, including a rich intake of "good" fats, has allowed various online and physical shops to open. For example, you can get MCT oil:

  • You can buy MCT oil at the following stores:

It's a great way to get your hands on MCT oil.

on specialist e-shops;

in parapharmacies;

on e-shops dedicated to sports nutrition supplements.

We advise you to check the composition and nutritional values of MCT oil before buying it. Generally speaking, for 100 g, you have between 800 and 900 kcal with an exclusively lipid composition. It's best to go for one with 100% C8 (like Brain Octane), but a mixture of C10 and C8 is just as beneficial to your health.

Why combine MCT oil and CBD?

The combination of CBD and MCT oil is a great way to combine the benefits of each product.

Benefits of CBD with MCT oil

CBD or cannabidiol is fat-soluble. This means that it is assimilated more quickly in the presence of a fatty substance. In this context, and to improve the absorption of CBD by your body, the carrier product is MCT oil.

Thus, you can benefit from rapid assimilation with the therapeutic virtues of CBD and the benefits of MCT oil.

Discover our CBD oils with MCT oil

All our CBD oils are made with carefully selected MCT oil. Come and discover our range soon!

Note that all our oils are broad spectrum and comply with European regulations.

How to properly store your MCT oil

In order to store your MCT oil properly and to avoid any degradation caused by heat and direct light, we advise you to keep it away from the sun in a dry and temperate place.

It is not useful to preserve it in a refrigerator and the date indicated on the container is only a recommendation.

MCT oil is an excellent product for your health. Extracted from coconuts, these saturated fatty acids and in particular caprylic acid, are excellent natural products with virtuous properties. Among them, you will find a maintenance of the right cholesterol level, an aid to the loss of fat mass, a stabilization of the glycemia level and a prevention of cerebral vascular accidents. Combined with CBD in oil form, we invite you to check out our range to benefit from our CBD oils as soon as possible

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