Can we travel with CBD on the plane?

Although CBD is becoming more and more popular and democratized over the years around the world, it is not yet legal everywhere. For some, CBD has become a natural alternative to drug treatments, and they can't see themselves traveling without it. But how can you fly with a substance that might seem illegal to the authorities? How to enjoy the benefits of CBD on the plane without having problems with customs?

Although CBD is not considered a drug, it is important to take precautions before taking it in your luggage. Generally, transporting CBD should not pose a problem if it is still in an intact sachet and you have a receipt that attests to its compliance with current European laws.

To answer the question: Can you take CBD on a plane to enjoy its benefits legally? Well, it depends on certain conditions. The problem with CBD is that even though it is authorized in European countries and in many other countries around the world, it is often placed in a gray area, bordering on illegal. So, if you want to know how to travel with CBD, you will find all the answers to your questions in this article dedicated to CBD on the plane.

Traveling in Europe with CBD

If you are traveling to Europe and your products are in an intact sachet that attests to its legality, transporting CBD should not pose a problem. Moreover, the transport and possession of CBD products does not constitute a crime in Europe. The problem is rather getting through the safety checks with these products. For example, when you are still in the airport, you may very well come across a police dog who, unfortunately, does not know the difference between a hemp flower with or without THC. As a result, you may be required to pass a more in-depth police check, especially if you do not have a tax receipt. Even if you risk nothing legally speaking, these checks could very well cause a delay and cause you to miss your plane…

To avoid extensive checks and unwanted delays, it is therefore preferable to transport your CBD with a tax receipt and if possible, in a form other than flowers and resins which can very often be confused with an illicit product. In summary, it is better to travel with CBD oil in the hold, with CBD flowers in your cabin baggage.

Traveling outside Europe with CBD

When it comes to international flights, it is not recommended to travel with CBD. Even if you think you are traveling to a country where cannabis is legal, transporting it by air is not automatically legal. In some countries, traveling in possession of hemp, even if it only contains CBD, can result inhefty fines and penalties. This is particularly the case in Croatia where possession of cannabis is punishable by a prison sentence of 3 to 15 years, whether it is THC or CBD. Not to mention the most extreme cases such as sub-Saharan Africa which still applies the death penalty.

Quite clearly, don't try to travel on international flights with CBD because you risk getting yourself into trouble. Even if you are traveling to the United States or Canada and these countries seem very flexible with CBD, the jurisdictions are very different from state to state. You might as well avoid playing with fire and ruining your vacation, because in any case, you can easily get CBD in Canada or the United States.

Conditions for carrying CBD on the plane

Have a certificate and tax receipt

If you want to travel to Europe with CBD legally, it is essential to have a tax receipt and a certificate attesting to the provenance hemp. Without these papers, the authorities cannot know where the product comes from and what its active components are. Even if you think you are doing the right thing by transporting a legal product, it is precisely this oversight that can waste your time and lead to more in-depth checks. Keep your products with the packaging, labels and receipt to have maximum proof in your possession.

Know local legislation

Before you leave, it is absolutely necessary todo some research to ensure that both the country of departure and country of arrival allow the transport of CBD. As explained previously, even if the purchase and consumption of CBD is authorized in the country in question, this does not mean that its air transport is legal. Find out about the legislation in force to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Choose a format that corresponds to air transport rules

For example, if you choose to travel with a bottle of CBD oil, you must ensure that its capacity does not exceed the authorized threshold, in the same way than all other liquids you carry. Depending on the country, this capacity may vary. In any case, don't try to hide your CBD oil. Just put it with your other bottles, like a normal product, not an illegal product.

plane CBD legislation

What are the benefits of CBD on the plane?

Beyond the transportation aspect, you may be wondering what are the benefits of CBD on the plane? Why take CBD before taking off?

To help you fall asleep

People who are used to flying long distances know how difficult it is to fall asleep on the plane. In addition, not being able to sleep often leads to jetlag problems, and it can sometimes take several days to recover. If you need a natural product that promotes falling asleep and restful sleep, you can take a little CBD before arriving at the airport.

To reduce stress

For some, flying is a source of stress, or even a phobia, which prevents them from traveling peacefully. Taking CBD before boarding the plane can help eliminate unnecessary fears and apprehensions. Well known for its anti-stress action, CBD will help you overcome your fear of flying for sure.

To avoid anxiety attacks

If you suffer from anxiety, you know that being cooped up in an enclosed space for a few hours can easily trigger an anxiety attack. Of course, these crises are completely beyond your control, and it is not always easy to avoid them. In this case, taking CBD before flying can help you avoid the occurrence of these anxiety attacks.

To limit pain

Flying for several hours is often uncomfortable, especially if you already suffer from chronic pain normally. Once on the plane, you cannot move your legs, you cannot always lie down in your seat, your neck stiffens... in short, the pain intensifies and sometimes becomes unbearable. To limit this discomfort, taking CBD before boarding the plane will help you relax your muscles, be less tense, and relieve existing pain.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about CBD and flying

Is the THC content of CBD important for air travel?

Yes, most countries allow the sale and possession of CBD if the THC content is below a certain percentage. It is essential to check the conformity of the product before traveling.

How do I store CBD in my luggage?

If you are carrying liquid CBD products, they must be stored in a transparent bag with other liquids in accordance with aviation safety rules. Solid products like capsules can be kept in your medicine bag.

Is it possible to have problems even if my CBD is legal?

Yes, due to possible confusion, even if you have documents proving the legality of your CBD, you may face additional checks. It is always recommended to be prepared and patient.

Can CBD interact with other medications taken during the flight?

Yes, as with any supplement or medication, it is essential to check with a healthcare professional about possible interactions between CBD and other medications you may be taking.

Is CBD detectable by airport security scanners?

No, airport security scanners are not designed to specifically detect CBD. They spot suspicious or prohibited objects. However, if you are carrying CBD oil or other liquid products, be sure to follow the volume limits allowed for liquids.

Are there any airlines that specifically ban CBD?

Airlines generally follow the regulations of the country in which they operate. If CBD is legal in this country, it is probably OK to bring it on board. However, it is always recommended to check directly with the airline before traveling.

Which CBD-based products should you choose on the plane?

To avoid confusion, it is strongly recommended not to carry CBD flowers and resins on the plane. If you are carrying oils, creams or food products, you are not likely to have problems at the airport security gates.

When should you take CBD to feel its effects on the plane?

If you are taking CBD oil sublingually, you can take a few drops 1 hour to 30 minutes before takeoff. If you take CBD oil orally, in your meals or in your drinks, you can consume it several hours before takeoff. If you consume CBD through vaporization, you can inhale it 1 hour before takeoff, but do not take your flowers or your CBD resin on the plane.

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