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CBD: Cannabis Sativa vs. Indica, the game of 7 differences!

Whether you are an inveterate consumer of legal cannabis products or a curious person who wishes to be initiated with the hedonistic pleasures of the cannabidiol (CBD), you undoubtedly already heard about the two principal varieties of cannabis which are the Indica and the Sativa (or L. Sativa).

The duality between these two varieties is interesting, insofar as it conditions the effects of the finished product (oil, flower, resin, capsule of CBD), but also its organoleptic properties (taste, flavours, notes).

In this article, the 321CBD editorial staff explores the 7 major differences between Cannabis Indica and L. Sativa varieties to help you make an informed choice and live fully your quest for well-being with CBD and cannabinoids!

Cannabis Indica vs. L. Sativa: the point on the geographical origin

Indica and L. Sativa strains come from different geographical environments, and each evolved under distinct geological and climatic conditions.

The L. Sativa variety is indeed native to tropical and humid areas close to the equator, whether in South America (Colombia), Central America (Mexico) but also in Asia (Thailand).

For its part, Cannabis Indica is rather native to mountainous regions of Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent, notably Afghanistan, Pakistan, India (especially in the northern regions), Nepal ( Himalayas) and Bhutan. Cannabis Indica is also found in Morocco, in the Rif region. This strain is known as "kif".

As for the climate, Cannabis Indica has adapted to harsher conditions, whether cold or windy. They have a shorter growth cycle, which allows them to flower before the onset of winter.

Cannabis Sativa, on the other hand, thrives in a warmer, more humid climate. These plants are generally taller, with thinner leaves, and may take longer to flower than Indicas. They need more light and warmth, which matches their native environment where day length is relatively constant throughout the year.

Cannabis Sativa vs. Indica: a story of bud size and density

Cannabis plants belonging to the Sativa variety stand out for their relatively large size compared to those of the Indica variety. Indeed, a Sativa plant can reach up to 1m80 in height, while the Indica is generally limited to 90cm.

This difference is explained by the fact that the two varieties come from geographical areas with distinct climatic conditions. Sativa plants thrive in environments marked by short, regular periods of sunshine, while Indicas face no such challenges, giving them a more "bushy" appearance.

Cannabis Sativa flowers produce elongated, slender, sparse buds that grow on the branches of the plant rather than at its base. Indica buds are more compact, robust, large and develop in clusters at variable spacing.

Beyond these morphological aspects, there is a difference in size and density at the level of the buds. Those of Cannabis Indica are compact and form in gnarled clusters, while those of Cannabis L. Sativa are thinner, lighter and less dense.

From fruity to musky: what about the organoleptic properties of Sativa and Indica?

Sativa and Indica have significant differences in terms of organoleptic properties. Sativa typically has a fruity, spicy, and floral flavor, with hints of pine and lemon. It unfolds a strong and pungent smell, with aromas of earth, musk and tropical fruits. In general, Sativa strains are lighter and airier than Indica strains.

On the other hand, the Indica has a more earthy and musky flavor, with hints of berries and nuts. She also tends to have a milder, sweeter smell, with aromas of red fruits, honey, and vanilla. Indica strains are also denser and heavier than Sativa strains.

indica et sativa

Sativa for cognitive abilities, Indica for relaxation: which is your choice?

Indica and Sativa cannabis strains stand out not only for their appearance and aromas, but also for the effects they provide to consumers. Cannabis Sativa is valued primarily for its ability to energize the body and mind, boosting adrenaline, promoting endurance and maximizing cognitive abilities, including memory and concentration. It is also the variety of choice to combat fatigue and asthenia.

For its part, Cannabis Indica is sought after for its soothing and relaxing effects, with an ability to relieve stress and anxiety, promote healthy and restful sleep, soothe pain, etc.

The two varieties, Sativa and Indica, are found on some virtues, in particular the anti-inflammatory effects and the antioxidant action.

THC vs CBD: what about cannabinoid concentrations in the two varieties?

Indica cannabis strains generally display a lower cannabinoid content than L. Sativa species, while exhibiting a higher concentration of terpenes.

For their part, Sativa varieties are distinguished by a higher proportion of CBD/THC than Indica, with a predominance of tetrahydrocannabinol over cannabidiol. Rest assured: our online store selects L. Sativa varieties that have a good concentration of CBD and an almost zero concentration of THC, in accordance with the regulations in force.

Race against time: Indica and Sativa flowering times

Flowering speed and yield also mark the difference between Indica and Sativa strains. Indeed, not all cannabis strains develop the same way, and these two species are the perfect examples.

The Sativa takes between 10 to 18 weeks (or even longer) to flower, largely due to the imposing height of its plants, which are significantly higher than those of the Indica. For the latter, 8 to 10 weeks are enough to observe the first complete blooms.

The notion of yield is crucial here. Faster flowering does not necessarily mean less yield, and vice versa. So, although Indica shows faster flowering than Sativa, it also offers a higher yield. The smaller size of its buds therefore does not affect the overall yield.

indica et sativa

Indica vs. Sativa: the issue of disease and pest resistance

Resistance to disease and pests is a key difference between Indica and Sativa cannabis strains, particularly because of their distinct geographic origins and the adaptations they have developed as a result.

Cannabis Indica, originating in the mountainous regions of Central Asia, evolved in an environment where conditions could be harsh and resources limited. These plants have therefore developed a natural resistance to certain diseases and parasites. Their bushier structure and shorter life cycle make them more resistant to moisture-related problems, including mold and mildew.

Cannabis Sativa, which comes from equatorial regions, is adapted to a warmer and more humid climate. These plants generally have a more open structure, which allows better air circulation and reduces the risk of fungal infections. However, they may be more susceptible to certain types of insects or diseases due to their longer life cycle.

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