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CBD Spray: a practical and (above all) ultra-effective format

When consumed orally, CBD's bioavailability rarely exceeds 6%, according to a study published by Pharmaceuticals in 2020. This is why the overwhelming majority of discerning consumers favor formats that allow for sublingual consumption. And that's why cannabinoid regulars are so keen on spray packaging.

Find out in this article how CBD spray works, how it differs from classic CBD oil, and the advantages of this hyper-practical format!

What is a CBD spray?

The CBD spray refers to a packaging that allows cannabidiol to be consumed thanks to a vaporization or spray mechanism under the tongue, inside the cheek , through the nasal passages or by topical application (directly to the skin).

Its composition is generally very close to that of a classic CBD oil, with a few additional ingredients to increase its effectiveness and bioavailability. We are talking in particular about MCT oil or certain alcohols (especially ethanol).

CBD spray: what is the benefit compared to traditional CBD oil?

More precise, more suitable for sublingual administration, more discreet and more hygienic, the CBD spray has several advantages over traditional packaging.

Dosage: CBD spray is more precise

If the spray container is of quality, you will have a precise dose of CBD with each spray, unlike CBD oils where the dose is more random, including with a pipette. This uniformity in dosage allows you to control your cannabinoid consumption with great precision.It is therefore an interesting CBD format for:

  • New consumers who must start with a small dose of CBD, just to accustom their body to legal hemp;

  • More informed consumers who have an endocannabinoid system that is particularly receptive to cannabinoids. These consumers have generally found the minimum effective dose of CBD they need. The spray allows them to stay precisely in this “sweet spot”.

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The CBD spray allows CBD to be assimilated more quickly

The majority of CBD sprays are designed for sublingual administration,by spraying the CBD oil directly under the tongue.

This method allows faster absorption of CBD and other useful cannabinoids through the sublingual mucosa, compared to oral consumption which involves a digestive passage.

Note: classic CBD oils can be consumed sublingually, but the spray format allows for more uniform coverage of the sublingual area. The fine mist it produces diffuses under the tongue over a larger contact surface.

The CBD spray is a discreet and practical format

The CBD spray container is generally more compact and more discreet. You can slip it into your jacket pocket or bag and take your dose of CBD on the go, in two seconds flat. This is not necessarily the case with classic CBD oils which require some effort to count the drops.

The CBD spray is a hygienic format

Compared to pipette oils, CBD spray reduces direct contact between the applicator and the mouth, which is preferable for hygiene reasons , especially if the product is shared between two or more people.

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