Does CBD protect against Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

April 2020

For several months now, France has been experiencing an unprecedented situation... The battle against an invisible enemy: the Coronavirus. The country has been under confinement for several weeks and the number of people affected is growing every day, as is the number of deaths.

This Covid-19 causes many signs of anxiety and stress. So, faced with this unique time, many are looking for the answer to this question: can CBD protect against Coronavirus? The answer right away...

CBD protège du covid ?

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a molecule that is part of the composition of plants classified as cannabinoids, in other words cannabis. If this plant is considered a drug because of its concentration in THC (tetrahydrocannabidiol), it also contains another component without danger for health, the famous CBD.

Cannabidiol has many therapeutic properties for the body and mind, unlike THC, it contains no undesirable or psychotropic effects. Extracted most often from Sativa cannabis plants, CBD reveals a wide range of benefits, which are gradually becoming popular, even common.

It is possible to consume CBD mainly in the form of CBD flower or CBD resin,CBD oil and many other forms that you can discover in our shop.

CBD: a controversial substance

For a long time, CBD has remained in the shadows, but today it appears to be one of the most promising natural substances of its generation. Driven by the legalization of its psychoactive cousin, its prominence has not been to everyone ...

The clinical studies in its favor are jostling, but skeptics remain numerous. However, it has nothing to do with THC's reputation as a narcotic. So, if the consumption of cannabis is forbidden and it is so much better, it should not slow down the CBD which proves to accomplish some miracles with certain patients.

Especially since CBD, since 2018, is legal if its use enters a therapeutic framework. In France, its sale and production are closely monitored. The cannabidiol must meet and respected many regulations to be offered.

So, since it is a legal substance and enjoys great success, make your own opinion ... Especially, it is not subject to any subscription as essential oils.

Coronavirus et CBD

The CBD against the Coronavirus: legend or assertion?

If it is true that cannabidiol has many therapeutic properties for the body, it is in no way a treatment, a drug or a remedy against the Covid-19. Beware of dishonest sellers, a large number of commercial sites have fun praising the merits of this molecule by presenting it as the ideal solution.

This is totally false!

Certainly, CBD can relieve your anxiety and stress in the face of such a situation... It can also be used if you are unable to find a restful sleep. CBD also serves as a dietary supplement to boost your immune system.

But these effects remain mild and can in no way fight against an infection like SARS-CoV-2, aka Covid-19. Furthermore, the antioxidant power or anti-inflammatory properties of CBD have not been tested with Coronavirus, so it is not known if these effects are desirable or undesirable on this type of disease.

Consuming CBD will simply improve your well-being, but not cure any disease.

How to protect yourself from Covid-19?

As the President of the Republic said in March, "We are at war! ». A powerful sentence showing the violence of this health war... In this speech, Emmanuel Macron highlighted many barrier gestures, updated over the weeks.

These are the same gestures that save!

In other words, to protect yourself and fight against the Coronavirus, all you have to do is stay home, limit your movements and protect your hands and face when you go out.

If some people don't seem to appreciate the magnitude of the situation, it is necessary to point out that this war can be won easily, simply by staying at home. So, why insist on going out other than what is allowed by the discharge certificate?

If you have symptoms, contact your doctor and follow his instructions. You can also call the emergency services directly.

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