Does CBD Help With Asthma Disorders?

Asthma affects many millions of people worldwide and comes in many different forms. For example, there is childhood asthma, which fades as the child grows. There is also asthma that can be contained throughout our lives and this is certainly the most problematic and dangerous. But recently, some studies suggest that CBD seems to be useful against asthmatic attacks and thus, help some people to live better on a daily basis

It should be noted that these studies are still in the development phase, but some results are already present. In some studies, it has been shown that CBD could reduce the inflammation of the mucous membranes and airways caused by certain allergens present in the air thanks to its interaction with certain molecules present in the human body

However, we are going to see in more detail the possible interactions between CBD and asthma in order to better understand the alterations between these two subjects

It is well known that asthma causes spasms in the body that can create or exacerbate attacks. In fact, a 2014 study, found that THC could play a role in fighting spasms related to asthma attacks. But it is important to know that CBD has the same effects, with fewer undesirable side effects so as not to bother the consumer

During an asthma attack, the muscles of the bronchial tubes and lungs can contract and greatly impede the breathing of the individual, as well as aggravate this attack. CBD will then allow the muscles to relax and not to contract any more so as not to have additional discomfort

CBD allows to dilate the airways

This information seems surprising at first, but it is still very interesting when you take into consideration the different elements present in this molecule

First of all, it is important to know that this effect was discovered by American researchers who studied different interactions about CBD. At the time of these studies, THC was the most promising candidate, because it allowed to dilate the airways, but it was forgotten because the side effects of this molecule were too disabling for the consumers

That is why CBD is the ideal candidate between these two molecules, because its effects are less and its action is the same. Obviously, it will have less effects than a drug that was specifically designed for, but these effects are remarkable because they are long lasting

Anti-inflammatory effects of CBD for asthma

This effect is usually the most well-known when talking about this molecule. CBD has anti-inflammatory effects that help relieve asthma towards consumers.

When an asthma attack occurs, it is often characterized by severe pain in the abdomen, which is the result of the inflammatory effect caused by the mucous membranes of the lungs. If the asthma sufferer is having an attack, he or she can take CBD beforehand, which will allow him or her not to feel the pain of the attack

In other words, CBD regulates the production of inflammatory cytokines and regulates the receptors of the endocannabinoid system naturally present in our body, so that we feel less pain

To summarize, if you consume CBD regularly and at the right dose, you will have less pain during your asthma attacks, because CBD will regulate the perception of pain by reducing the production of molecules responsible for this feeling

How to consume CBD for asthmatics?

Obviously, there are different ways of consumption that allow all types of people to consume CBD to improve their daily lives. Depending on the health problems of each person, the mode of consumption will be different from one person to another. Thus, we will see which mode of consumption is the most adapted for a person suffering from asthma

You can imagine that anything that is consumed by combustion, such as cigarettes, although CBD is not intended to be smoked, or inhalations will not be suitable for people with asthma. Thus, it is better to consume CBD oil

CBD oil allows it to act quite quickly on the body of the individual since it is present in large quantities and the mode of consumption also plays a big role. For example, consuming CBD sublingually, in other words, by placing a few drops of CBD under the tongue and waiting a few tens of seconds, allows the CBD to be absorbed by the mucous membranes of the mouth and to go directly into the bloodstream

Regarding CBD flowers and resin, it is still possible to consume them in infusion or in cooking recipes. For example, you can easily use CBD flowers in your favorite meals to get all the therapeutic benefits associated with this plant

CBD crystals can also help people suffering from asthma, as they can be consumed in different ways. For example, you can consume them by incorporating them in herbal teas or in culinary recipes. The effects will be the same as the CBD oil swallowed

There are also CBD capsules that can easily be consumed if the taste of CBD oil bothers you. In addition, these capsules break down in the stomach thanks to the acid in them to release all the CBD present and get a quick effect

Why you should not smoke CBD?

When suffering from asthma, it is extremely important to take care of your health first! In other words, it is best not to use tobacco or any other product or substance that can be smoked.

Of course, there are some claims on this subject, such as in 1970, when a study showed that cannabis, when smoked, allowed to dilate the airways. However, this mode of consumption is still very dangerous, because the risks associated with it can heavily impact your life. In other words, the risk of developing diseases is very present on this mode of consumption

Curing asthma with CBD?

We should not claim victory immediately, many studies must still take place in order to draw a valid conclusion. However, CBD does not seem to promise to cure asthma, but to cure the various symptoms related to asthma, in other words, it is in no way a treatment in its own right, but a complement

Do not hesitate to go see a doctor before starting any CBD consumption in order not to miss a more serious problem. In addition, different treatments may also become more interesting for you depending on your health.

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