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Can CBD Help Fight Certain Addictions?

Does CBD help to break any addiction? We will vor all this in this article by dealing with all types of addictions.

In the world, several millions of people are susceptible to or are victims of addiction to products or illicit substances. It is important to know that several medical treatments and psychological follow-ups are put in place to help people detach themselves from these addictions, but CBD seems to bring conclusive results, with a panel of non-existent side effects

What is an addiction?

The word "addictionThe word "addiction" is used in many areas and the concept of addiction should not be confused within all these areas. For example, an addiction in a house is an element that does not communicate with the main dwelling, such as a garage or a garden shed. In the computer field, we also find the functional dependency which results from different links that are linked between two properties present in the database. For example, there is a link between an applicant and his number

In this article, we will deal with the dependency from a psychological and physical point of view. To do this, you need to know that there are many types of dependencies, and we will see and explain some of them.

Psychological addiction

As we saw in our article on CBD and the risks of dependence linked to its consumption, psychological dependence is specific to each person and varies according to the molecules absorbed and varies according to the molecules absorbed.

Let's take an example, we are sick and suffering from chronic migraines. We would like to have a treatment to cure our migraines and reduce their frequency. To do this, we take a drug A of 10 mg for several years, but it is beginning to have no significant effect on our body and our migraines. Our body has become accustomed to this molecule and this dosage, in other words, our treatment is no longer effective, because a psychological dependence has set in

If we decide to stop the treatment and switch to a drug B with the same dosage, it is possible to experience withdrawal effectsIf one decides to stop the treatment and switch to a B medication with the same dosage, it is possible to experience withdrawal effects, such as severe anxiety, mood swings, and nausea and vomiting. The catch here is that the body needs drug A to function, and when it no longer receives its dose, it goes on alert and sends out unpleasant signals to fill the void

Of course, not all drugs are physically addictive, but they can all cause psychological dependence

Emotional dependence

We have all experienced the sense of loss and emptiness that we feel when we move away from a friend or partner

This felt lack is the result of a bomb in the brain, as the presence of that person was identical to that felt by someone who is addicted to illicit drugs. The feeling of that person leaving our lives is also the same as someone who is going through who is going through drug withdrawal.

Addiction to illicit products

This addiction is certainly the best known and is often the only one that is mentioned when we talk about this subject

Concerning this dependence, it is important to know that the people who are victims of this dependence are so because of the different effects and the taste of the products consumed

For that, it is necessary to know that illicit products, in their great majority, cause psychotropic effectsLike recreational cannabis, they have more serious side effects. Lately, it is the gas cylinders that are wreaking havoc on young people. By inhaling the gas contained in the tanks, users experience psychotropic effects that make them want to laugh for about ten seconds. It may sound funny and harmless, but this gas is dangerous to the human body. It is possible to experience fainting, loss of consciousness and in the worst case, cardiac arrest

The best known illicit products are undoubtedly cocaine , LSD and cannabis cocaine, LSD and cannabiswhich are hard drugs, except for cannabis. Cocaine and LSD can be addictive from the very first time they are taken, which is a real danger for the user, in addition to the very dangerous side effects for health

Addiction at work

This addiction is certainly little known to most of us, but it represents a real danger and is also considered a health risk for the individual who falls victim to it

One may think that this addiction is rare and represents only a few people in the world, but it is very real and can represent a real socio-cultural and health hazard. It can be summarized as a addiction to workIt can be summed up as an addiction to work, to the point of thinking only of this objective and of endangering one's family life and one's own health

People with this condition feel an irrepressible need to work immediately and also feel pleasure in this function. It is important to know that this addiction can develop if one has a lot of responsibility and a business to run properly, which means a much larger workload

Gambling addiction

This addiction can affect anyone at any age. Gaming addiction can also include video games and gambling

It is the result of the pleasure felt while playing video games, in a virtual world and without thinking about the problems that one may encounter in everyday life or in the workplace. It is also considered as an escape for some people, who want to get away from their busy lives

Gambling addiction, on the other hand, is more dangerous for the people who are affected by it, as well as for their families. This addiction usually occurs when people win a large sum of money and want to feel the same pleasure associated with the event. This can lead to an impending collapse with the loss of a lot of money and the family that may follow the individual into this abyss.

Food addiction

This addiction is also known but little felt by the people who are victims of it. It also results from the pleasure people feel when they consume certain foods. This can range from junk food to vegetables, but it should be noted that in all cases, this addiction can cause dangerous health problems.

Indeed, eating only fatty foods will lead to different diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases or diabetes and cholesterol. On the contrary, eating only vegetables will cause dramatic deficiencies for the human body.

Make sure that you eat healthy food in reasonable quantities so that you do not miss any vitamin or deficiency.

There are certain types of populations that are more at risk of developing addictions or other conditions discussed above.

Which populations are at higher risk of developing addictions?

There are types of populations that are at a higher risk of developing addictions. This can be explained by various factors, such as lifestyle, maturity, family background or work.

For example, the people who seem to be most at risk of developing any kind of addiction are the following:

  • People who work at night or in isolated jobs;

  • People who work at night, or in isolated jobs; - People in positions of high responsibility, such as executives or managers

  • People who are sensitive and shy;

  • People with a history of addiction in their family

  • People working in high alert positions;

We are not saying that all people working in these positions, or with certain backgrounds or personality styles, will necessarily have addictions. This is a risk, since the majority of people with addictions come from these backgrounds

There are also different risks associated with these addictions that vary depending on the type of addiction

There are risks that are related to the addictions we mentioned above. Of course, depending on the addiction, the risks will be different

Regarding the tendencies to illicit products or alcohol and tobacco, it is possible to develop a number of diseases, which can greatly impact the life of the consumer. Indeed, regular alcohol consumption can, over a long period of time cause cirrhosis of the liverwhich can be fatal. For tobacco users, it is possible to develop lung diseases such as cOPD or lung cancer. While illicit products considered as hard drugs, can cause cardiovascular diseases and sometimes, the death of the consumer

For people who are victims of gambling addiction, the risks are not related to health directly, but occur well after the main risks. For example, one of the main risks that is possible for this addiction is that of financial lossFor example, one of the main risks that is possible with this addiction is financial loss, as the gambler will dip into their bank account and spend lavishly, which can be financially ruinous

In addition, the family can suffer this huge loss, since it is possible that the only income goes into gambling and it is possible to no longer be able to provide for the main needs. There are also health risks, since without money it is impossible to get proper medical care, which can quickly become dramatic for people who need urgent care.

There are different risks that are not mentioned above, but it is important to know that there are several different risks that vary depending on the person who is addicted

To alleviate these different problems, there are natural or medicinal solutions, such as psychological sessions or different types of medications that are used. However, the different medications that are used to treat these addictions sometimes represent risks and side effects on the health of individuals who are victims of them.

CBD represents positive effects on addiction with very few side effects

CBD in the fight against addictions

CBD can provide valuable help for people who are addicted to certain products or games. In addition to providing a valuable help, CBD also allows to have few side effects on people who consume it

We will see different examples in which CBD can help fight against addictions

CBD helps to fight against alcohol addiction

This addiction is one of the best known in the world today and causes enormous damage to the health of people who are victims of it

It is important to know that when alcohol is consumed in large quantities, the damage can become devastating. It disrupts the neurological balance of the brain. It also damages cB1 receptors in the brain. If we take into account excessive consumption over the long term, alcohol, or rather these molecules, will damage the body and the organism by promoting the development of cardiovascular diseases and chronic diseases such as hepatitis or pancreatitis

CBD can help in this battle, as it works with the endocannabinoid system to protect cells from the damage caused by alcohol. To do this, it can it can rebalance the chemical elements present in the cellsby increasing autophagy which is a mechanism to improve cell regeneration

Its action does not stop at this example, since CBD can also help people suffering from this addiction. Thus, people consuming CBD will be able to avoid suffering a relapse and promote their recovery. It also helps to counteract the effects of alcohol on sleep.

CBD helps to fight against nicotine addiction

Nicotine is a psychoactive molecule that is well known in the world and also legal. It is available in smoking tobacco and in electronic cigarette products

Nicotine is a psychoactive substance that causes various health effects in consumers. Among the effects of nicotine, we can find an increase in concentration, memory, reduced appetite. These effects may seem positive, but negative effects are caused by its consumption as an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. For the brain, this molecule is a drug and is often the cause of addiction to consumers

The other concern is the way nicotine is consumed. We all know that the easiest and quickest way to consume it is by smoking it. This is one of the most dangerous ways to consume nicotine, since tobacco smoke causes serious respiratory and cardiovascular damage and disease. Among these diseases, we can find lung cancer, mouth or throat cancer.

CBD helps to fight against nicotine addiction by providing the same effects, but without side effects and psychotropic. Indeed, the latter provides a relaxing effect, well-being and can help consumers to wean themselves from this substance by acting on anandamide which provides an effect of satiety psychological. It therefore helps to reduce the desire to smoke and fill the effects of nicotine

CBD helps to reduce opiate addiction

This form of addiction is devastating for consumers because it causes very serious side effects. Indeed, opiates make consumers dependent very quickly, because of their low costs and their very attractive psychotropic effects. Moreover, users are often people who are in social and financial difficulties and can therefore find refuge there for a moment

The effects of this type of addiction are severe, as the financial drop is rapid and predictable, but the craving is too great to notice. Opiates are often derived from drugs and can cause a range of serious side effects, such as malaise, dizziness, nausea and sometimes even cardio-respiratory arrestThis can lead to death

It is possible to think that attesting to use is enough to get through it, but withdrawal symptoms are extremely complicated for users to endure. The following is a list of withdrawal symptoms that have been identified

  • Irritability;

  • Anxiety

  • Agitation;

  • Nausea;

  • Vomiting

  • Bone pain ;

  • Muscle pain;

  • Hypersudation

You will have understood, the path is extremely long and complicated for the victims of this addiction, but it is necessary to know that CBD allows to help people thanks to its action on the human body

In fact, the latter makes it possible to regulate the function of opioid receptors receptors in the body to an optimal level. This makes it possible to not feel withdrawal from a product. CBD also helps to reduce withdrawal and anxiety

Of course, there are also treatments available on the pharmaceutical market to help you as best as possible and on prescription from a doctor. Do not hesitate to go to a doctor to help you in this process, in order to build a better future.

CBD against cannabis addiction

This information may seem surprising at first, but it is totally true and realistic

In cannabis, the most talked about substance is none other than THCin other words tetrahydrocannabinolwhich causes psychotropic effects by acting on the CB1 receptors located in the brain. THC, because of its effects and interaction, makes users addicted and can become a danger to them. For example, it is forbidden to drive under the influence of THC because of the effects caused by this substance, which can be perceived as an alteration of reality that may seem different

CBD helps to make up for the effects of THC on those who are addicted to it, as it offers similar effects without any side effects. This is because CBD does not contain THC and allows you to experience the same effects without damaging your brain

To overcome this dependence, CBD can be consumed in oil, by applying a few drops under the tongue a few times a day. It is also possible to consume CBD in the form of flowers to be used in recovery or inhalation with specific tools available on 321CBD

The resin is also effective because it can be consumed in typical or traditional recipes that can be made at home. By consuming it in this way, it will undergo a first pass effect, less important than if it was not accompanied by food

CBD against gambling addiction

Gambling is a form of addiction that is not well known in today's society, but which affects many people and indirectly, many families

This addiction is formed in a constant way and over a long period. Indeed, having an unknown element in your hands with a large amount of money at arm's length can cause excitement in some people. In addition, people who have already won a large amount of money may turn against themselves by trying to the pleasure of that big win

This can inevitably lead to families becoming financially insecure and struggling to support themselves. This feeling of satiety is usually the main factor in relapse and daily use of a substance

Fortunately, CBD seems to be able to help people who are victims of this feeling. Indeed, CBD allows to block the feeling of satiety towards these addictions and thus, will be able to protect people by not giving them any reason to continue this destruction.

Does CBD prevent relapse?

Relapse is certainly a dreaded stage for people who are just starting to get out of an addiction. Of course, this relapse will vary depending on the person affected and on the different types of products or activities addictive products or activities

The relapse is caused by the feeling of satiety and can originate in the user himself, or in the family, social or cultural domain. For example, a person who is addicted to cannabis will not be able to fully break free from it if he or she continues to live or associate with people who use it. The same is true for all types of addictions that exist in the world today

CBD has not yet demonstrated its full potential, but a study study conducted on rats has shown beneficial effects on the risk of relapse. These rats had been given a certain dose of alcohol and cocaine and had consumed CBD in the process The effect was immediate and the rats did not feel any signs of withdrawal and also did not relapse in the days and weeks that followed. Furthermore, several months after this administration, when the CBD is no longer present in the body, the rats also had no signs of relapse or withdrawal from either substance

This study is a real breakthrough in the medical world, as we can have a very promising molecule on our hands regarding the risk of relapse. Moreover, it is possible that this study will be applied to people who are victims of addiction in order to help them.

Can CBD help with withdrawal symptoms?

Withdrawal symptoms are very disturbing for people who enter this phase. Indeed, the symptoms will vary depending on the person and the different types of addictions they were victims of

It is important to know that the most common withdrawal symptoms are:

  • Fatigue;

  • Insomnia ;

  • Nausea;

  • Fever;

  • Dizziness;

  • Irritability.

These symptoms are able to be eliminated by the beneficial action of CBD on the endocannabinoid system. Indeed, the latter allows, thanks to its interaction with the CB1 and CB2 receptors, to modify the feeling and to prevent the appearance of certain symptoms

For example, the anxiety felt by the lack of intake of a substance or an activity can be avoided thanks to CBD, which blocks this feeling when it is consumed. CBD can also block the feeling of nausea when it acts on CB2 receptors, and it can also help people sleep at night, thanks to its action on anxiety and on the feeling of withdrawal exerted by the brain

Don't hesitate to talk to your doctor to get a professional opinion on the issue of addiction and CBD!

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