Hunger and CBD

6 Things To Know About CBD And Hunger

Today, CBD is still subject to various questions that everyone is asking. Concerning CBD and appetite, is there a relationship? Does it increase appetite? We will see all this together, in this article

Reminder on what is CBD

You are starting to get used to it now, regarding the origin of CBD. CBD is a molecule that occurs naturally in cannabis and the hemp plant. It is important to know that it was discovered in 1947 "by mistake", during a scientific protocol.

CBD is now known worldwide, as well as in popular culture for its beneficial effects on the human body. Regarding these effects, it is important not to shout about the miracle molecule right away. The scientific studies are not finished and there are still many points to be studied in order to bring a concrete and sure answer

Among the beneficial effects that can be attributed to it we find

  • Reduction of anxiety and stress;
  • Has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Does not change mood
  • Reduces tension.

Of course, to list all the proven and unproven benefits would take time and be pointless. But the most important thing is the consumer experience. For example, if you suffer from various ailments, then you can try to turn to a more natural way, like CBD and see for yourself!

On 321CBD, we have CBD flowers, CBD oils and CBD resins. Without forgetting various products that will be able to both relieving your pets as well as yourselves!

It is extremely important not to categorize CBD as a psychotropic molecule! Indeed, it is another molecule that is responsible for the "high" effect. This molecule is none other than tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known asTHC. More importantly, it has been shown that CBD seems to act against THC to limit these effects!

What is appetite?

Appetite is nothing more than the desire to eat. It's as simple as that, however, the process involved in appetite is more complex. This process, we all know it, is hunger

It is important to know that everything in the body is connected. Our intestines are linked to our brain and so on, not to mention all the nerve combinations we have, which, linked together, could reach the distance from the Earth to the Moon

Appetite is also a "sensation" which, unlike breathing, is not independent of our will , since we seem to control it. This is how we decide whether we should eat, or wait until a certain time to eat. We also select our food according to our hunger and cravings

When we start to feel hungry, or hungry, there is a hormone that is responsible for this effect. This hormone, called "ghrelin", is a digestive hormone that stimulates appetite by stimulating "dopamine". Dopamine is responsible for the satisfaction felt when eating food. It is most likely responsible for the famous phrase "One last piece for the road"

Dopamine is not only active when we eat. It is also present and activated during all activities that make us feel happy and good. It may be activated when consuming CBD

You can think of this as an information highway between your brain and your digestive system where information flows at tremendous speeds

Now that you know how hunger works, let's see how CBD works

Le CBD et la faim

How does CBD work?

CBD has a working system that is not out of the ordinary. This is because in our bodies, we have an endocannabinoid system that is itself made up of CB1 and CB2 receptors that are primed to receive this molecule

Once received, the molecule will then begin its work and divide throughout the human body. Our receptors are located in various places

  • CB1 receptors are located in the brain and throughout the nervous system of the human body
  • CB2 receptors are located in the digestive system and in the immune system of the human body.

The location of the receptors is very important, as it allows CBD to cover the entire human body

We will now look at the different interactions between CBD and appetite

Does cannabis make you feel hungry?

It's important to understand the difference between CBD, which comes from hemp plants, and recreational cannabis, which contains a high level of THC. THC is the molecule responsible for all the psychotropic effects experienced when using recreational cannabis

THC is the molecule responsible for all the psychotropic effects of recreational cannabis use, and is the main culprit behind this sensation among cannabis users. THC acts on the CB1 receptors and thus exerts its psychotropic power

This molecule is responsible for the feeling of hunger that pushes consumers to rush to the food reserves. But is this sensation real? Yes, THC, by reaching the CB1 receptors located in the brain and nervous system, seems to modify the feelings of hunger and thirst

This deceives our brain, which then sends a message to our body by giving the sensation of being hungry and thirsty. If this effect does not seem to be problematic at first, it can quickly become so if the consumer does not manage to regulate himself

CBD seems to regulate hunger!

We know most of the beneficial effects of CBD, as mentioned above, but did you know that CBD was able to regulate hunger?

Indeed, when consumed, CBD will bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors, which are located in our body. By binding to these receptors, it will then be able to act on our body effectively. The CB2 receptors are also located in the digestive system, which allows this molecule to act in this area

Many people suffer from digestive problems and CBD may well help them in this uphill battle. As CBD binds to CB1 and CB2 receptors, on the latter, it will act on the digestive system. This is going to result in less burning, nausea and even vomiting. A 2012 study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology shows that CBD, used in low doses, or in a dose proportional to the size and weight of rats, considerably reduces nausea and vomiting caused by the administration of substances that are dangerous for them, such as nicotine

By doing so, CBD regulates hunger and relieves consumers suffering from various ailments that can sometimes prevent them from eating properly

CBD and weight loss

In a world that is becoming more and more careful about people's weight and physique, some may wonder if CBD works on weight loss. To do this, we need to understand what those effects really are, although research is still ongoing

To begin with, weight gain is often seen as a major problem and fats are often frowned upon in our society. But it is important to know that not all fats are bad for our bodies, and to find out if you are in danger, don't hesitate to check your BMI ( body mass index )

CBD does not seem to act directly on weight loss, but seems to exert a chain of circumstances that lead to it. Indeed, it seems to help the transformation of white fat (bad fat) into brown fat (good fat). This last one is rich in iron and allows to bring heat and other necessary contributions to the functioning of the human body

Consuming CBD in oil allows for a faster and healthier effect on these effects

Le CBD et la perte de poids

CBD brings mental stabilization

When we feel good in the head, our body is fine. You've certainly had that feeling before, of having a boost and feeling good for the rest of the day, without any good reason

CBD works by binding to CB1 receptors and this allows you to relax fully, without having psychotropic effects, or having a "big craving". There are side effects during this state of well-being

Indeed, when CBD acts in the brain, it will then carry out its soothing action and this will allow your mind not to have stressful thoughts. As a result, your mind will be able to focus on other signs that your body is sending you, such as hunger

Remember that stress and anxiety can block the feeling of hunger and some people may feel a lump in their stomach or even nausea. This is a reaction of the human body that feels assaulted and CBD can also be the solution!

CBD would be an appetite suppressant?

In the same idea that if we chew a gum, we will not be hungry, CBD seems to act in the same way. It acts on CB2 receptors, located in the digestive system. By acting in this way, and during its consumption, the latter can then play a more or less important role on the sensations brought and felt by consumers

It is important to note that the effects of CBD vary from one person to another, because each body absorbs in a different way and reacts differently to the effects of CBD. Some may feel very tired, others may feel nausea, while others, more fortunate, will have nothing

CBD, on the other hand, seems to act on the digestive tract in an unusual way. Indeed, it seems to decrease the feeling of hunger and it also brings a feeling of satiety to the consumer, who will then eat less

This can also promote weight loss for people who want this effect

CBD diminue sensation de faim

CBD and the mind, a major asset?

As we said above, it is important to have a healthy body, in a healthy mind! CBD, as you know, helps to eliminate stress and anxiety, which can significantly affect your health in the long run. By performing its action, it makes your body feel better

The mind also plays a major role in balancing your health. The mind, which is unique to our bodies, can help you feel better about yourself, or on the contrary, can take you to the bottom of the abyss

Depending on your life experiences, you will have more mental capacity than others and this is an asset! A winning mind will be able to do great things, while a low mind will certainly not be able to accomplish great things when the going gets tough

CBD and the mind are linked by the interaction that CBD has on our brain, and this interaction allows us to find the right balance. This balance is very important for our health, because it allows us to have a good lifestyle, to do sports and to eat healthy

This is how CBD and the mind are a major asset for appetite, because they will allow you to eat at more regular hours, to keep your new habits, to improve digestion and especially, to give you a feeling of hunger that will be real.

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