CBD and Yoga: an ancestral combination with multiple virtues

In our modern society, it is not uncommon to feel a bit of stress or even a lot of anxiety during the day. Between work, studies, social life and all the tasks we have to accomplish daily, it seems almost impossible to detach ourselves from this feeling of anxiety that becomes harmful to our productivity but especially, to our well-being. And yet, taking time for oneself is an essential action to get rid of stress. This is why many people practice yoga: to calm themselves, to recharge their batteries and to release tension. To optimize the sessions, most yogis use a mat and cushions, while others swear by CBD.

In fact, yoga and CBD are a perfect combination to relax, focus, relieve physical pain, reduce stress and anxiety, learn about meditation and breathe better. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in yoga, taking CBD can help you find inner calm and greatly promotes spiritual awakening.

In fact, the oldest masters have already experimented with using cannabis to amplify the benefits of yoga, so why not you? Indeed, CBD (cannabidiol) is a legal and natural product that can help you relax, without any psychoactive effects. All legal CBD products do not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). So, you can consume them with peace of mind to experience even more soothing yoga sessions. In this article, discover the many benefits of the incredible yoga - CBD duo, followed by some tips on how to properly consume CBD as part of this practice.

CBD et yoga

The benefits of CBD combined with the practice of yoga

Improve concentration

Between personal and professional life, social media and constant news, no one is really able to spend even 5 minutes doing nothing to focus on themselves. Your brain is constantly stimulated and even if you feel like you are focused, you are just distracted. This is exactly where yoga comes in, teaching you to reclaim your mind. The practice of yoga requires the ability to detach yourself from distractions. A much more difficult exercise than you might think!

Taking CBD can help you relax mentally. This way, your concentration is really optimal during the yoga session. You no longer get distracted, you manage to focus on the exercise quickly and clear your head. According to scientific studies, CBD is a really beneficial molecule for concentration and focus. CBD improves your concentration during the yoga session, yoga effectively relaxes you and in the end, you come out much more soothed.

Relieve pain

Both yoga and CBD intake can relieve physical pain. If you combine the two, chances are that the soothing effect will be doubled. Since both methods are completely natural and healthy, it would almost be a shame not to take advantage of them. On the one hand, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the intensity of muscle and joint pain. On the other hand, yoga is also known to reduce chronic inflammatory pain. The combination of these two methods can then relieve inflammation:

  • of neurological origin;
  • in the joints;
  • in muscles and bones.

Encourage meditation and introspection

Meditation is an exercise that consists in thinking deeply and immersing oneself in a precise reflection for a few moments. In the same vein, introspection allows us to observe and analyze our feelings and our state of mind in general. Two exercises which require a lot of concentration and a good breathing to calm down, to forget the world and to concentrate only on oneself. Yogis love to meditate to find inner balance and develop self-awareness. Applied carefully and diligently, these exercises offer you the opportunity to become more optimistic, joyful and kind to yourself. Consuming CBD can help you perform these types of exercises with more calm and equanimity.

Reduce stress and anxiety

All of the above benefits have a common goal: to reduce your stress and anxiety levels on a daily basis. In the long run, yoga and CBD improve your concentration and resistance to stress. From the very first sessions, you will be able to feel that calm and soothing sensation that will make you want to persevere in your efforts. Many people think that yoga is an easy discipline, because it is not an extreme sport, because everyone can do it. In short, many prejudices persist but in the end, it is a discipline that requires a lot of physical flexibility and a great mental strength. And that, it is not given to everyone. So yes, CBD is ideal to optimize your yoga sessions but especially, to draw a line on stress and anxiety.

CBD yoga bénéfices

Ganja yoga", an ancient practice

For centuries, cannabis has been used in rituals and spiritual practices. Considering that yoga is a practice that is over 5,000 years old, it seems obvious that other yogis have already tested the wonderful combination of yoga and CBD long before you. In the Hindu tradition, yogis have always consumed a cannabis, milk and spice preparation called Bhang. It is an integral part of their relaxation ritual and even today, this tradition continues.

At that time, the great yogi masters did not specifically consume CBD, but simply hemp flowers, often high in THC. As a result, the effects were quite different from what you might experience when consuming therapeutic hemp in 2020. With CBD, there is no psychoactive effect, neither sedative, nor too euphoric. Only calming, relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties. CBD is not a drug, but simply a natural alternative to help you find inner peace, at least for the time of a yoga session.

How to combine CBD and Yoga in a healthy way?

To consume CBD, you absolutely must not smoke it. First of all, there are different types to choose from. CBD oils can be ingested sublingually, in your herbal tea, or in your dish. CBD creams and cosmetics can be applied directly to your skin. CBD flowers and resins can be consumed in your cooking, in your herbal tea, or through vaping. So how do you choose which product is best for you?

  • CBD oils will tend to work faster. A few drops under your tongue before you head off to your yoga session, and you're all set.
  • CBD resins and flowers can be crumbled and then incorporated into your dishes or herbal teas. You can consume them a few hours before your session.
  • If you don't like the taste of hemp, you can use CBD-based creams for body application. The effects may take longer to appear.

Does taking CBD after yoga work?

Some people advocate taking CBD after the yoga session because it promotes muscle recovery and restful sleep. You can very well take it before and after to multiply the benefits.

Is it dangerous to combine physical activity and CBD?

In any case, taking CBD before or after physical activity is not dangerous for your health. CBD is not a doping or narcotic product. It is simply a natural substance that improves your well-being.

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