Comment conserver l’huile de CBD

How to store CBD oil efficiently?

CBD oil is a product with very broad capabilities that need to be treated with care in exchange for its virtues.

Cannabidiol (or CBD) is considered a natural edible. Like any natural product, it has a shelf life and needs to be stored carefully to retain all its benefits for as long as possible.

Therefore, it is crucial to know how to store CBD oil to get the maximum benefit from it for as long as possible.

Improper storage of your CBD oil can mean a decrease in its cannabinoid concentration or deterioration of the therapeutic and relaxing active ingredients present in the product. In the end, if you don't preserve it properly, your CBD oil will lose all its effects. And that would be a great shame!

To keep it simple, to properly store your CBD oil, you need to preserve it in a dark, cool place and avoid any contact of the oil with heat or humidity.

Below, you will learn how to pamper your favorite CBD oil so that it can be stored for the maximum amount of time in the best conditions, with all the benefits it offers until it is finished.

How to Choose Your CBD Properly

One of the most important factors in preserving your CBD oil is undoubtedly the quality of the oil you purchase. Choosing your CBD oil is a step that should not be overlooked because depending on the quality of the plants from which the oil is extracted, the storage time will greatly influence it. 

The nutrients that the plant feeds on and the conditions in which it evolves are going to impact the quality, and therefore the conservation of the CBD oil.

Our advice is to choose products from local stores, in France or neighboring countries. Favors stores provide transparency in the composition and quality of their products.

Check that the products are eco-friendly and do not contain pesticides or other chemicals harmful to your health. For CBD oils, especially check the extraction method used and favor CO2 extraction.

Our CBD e-shop meets all of these criteria and offers a selection of premium CBD oils.

The degradation factors of your CBD oil

CBD is a plant product like any other and requires protection if you want to preserve it for a long time. There are certain elements that will play a lot in the storage condition of your CBD oil. Find below the four major degrading factors you need to pay attention to:


Light is the number one degrading factor for CBD oil. Did you know that light produces infrared and ultraviolet rays that alter CBD stem cells? CBD is photosensitive, so it degrades very quickly in contact with these rays. The cannabinoids are damaged and become less powerful. To avoid this problem, it is recommended to keep all your CBD oils in the shade, in a cupboard or in the refrigerator. For the record, artificial light does not adversely affect CBD.


If you want a long life for your CBD oil, give it a cool environment. This is because cannabinoids do not tolerate high temperatures very well and lose active ingredients in high heat. The ideal is to keep the products under 21°C. For longer storage (several months), put it in the freezer but defrost it only once!


Humidity is a very important factor in the preservation of CBD. You should definitely protect your CBD oil from possible contact with water. This is because water and humidity create a mold that can destroy your products and make them unusable. When storing your product, make sure that the container is free of water and fog. If you keep the original container, you won't have this problem.


Our advice is to keep your CBD oil in its container and close the cap tightly. This is because air contains molecules not visible to the naked eye that act on CBD and degrade the plant's cannabinoids. Oxygen is one of them. To avoid losing the flavor of your CBD oil, remember to store it in the airtight container that you close properly after each use.

conserver huile cbd

Ideal CBD Oil Packaging

CBD products are best stored in airtight containers. As for CBD oil, it will be in a bottle with tinted glass and a tightly closed cap. It is very rare to change the packaging of CBD oil. We recommend that you keep it as is until the end of its use and use the pipette that comes with it for reasons of convenience but also hygiene.

The Perfect Place to Store CBD

The ideal place to store CBD oil is in a dark, cool place. This can be a simple closet or a fridge. As long as it is not in contact with water, open-air and sunlight, you will not have any problems and can keep your CBD for a long time.

CBD Shelf life

The preservation of the terpenes present in cannabidiol is crucial for the product to last over time. Stored in the right conditions, CBD oil can be consumed at least 6 months to 1 year after opening. 

Keep in mind that opening the product means starting to degrade the active ingredients no matter what. Therefore, quick consumption is more favorable to get the full benefits of the product. The longer you wait to consume your CBD oil, the more you will use large amounts to get the same effects.

If the product expires, it will change color, become darker, change consistency or material. These are signs that you should stop using the product. Other indicators that your product is at the end of its life:

  •          The smell: If it's different, the product has turned. 
  •          The color: If your product is getting darker, the cannabinoids have disappeared
  •          The thickness: If the product is thicker than usual (the oil in particular), it means its composition has changed.
  •          The taste: If your CBD oil tastes rancid or bland, it is outdated or at least has lost its properties.

No matter what, follow the directions on your product label and consider the expiration date listed.

Consuming a CBD product that has expired will not make you sick. It probably won't do anything at all. It's just that over time, the cannabinoids start to break down and lose potency. If you use expired CBD oil, you won't get the full therapeutic effects of the product. That's it!

Consult 321 CBD to get CBD oil high quality and easy to store in its original packaging. Our range of CBD products will always be sent to you with care, for the long life of all your products!

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