Wine and CBD

CBD and alcohol: a safe mix?

Whether you're a regular or occasional cannabidiol (CBD) user, you've probably already asked yourself the question: is it safe to mix CBD and alcohol? You may even have already experimented with mixing these two substances, without necessarily thinking about the consequences. Of course, CBD and alcohol interact with each other. But is this mixture dangerous for your health?

The answer to this question is quite nuanced. At first glance, one might say that mixing CBD and alcohol is not recommended. Alcohol being an exciting product, and CBD, a soothing molecule, mixing them seems contradictory. That said, some studies show that CBD could have a very positive effect on alcoholism

How does CBD actually interact with alcohol in the body? What are the effects, risks and consequences of this mixture? Can CBD help alcoholic people to get out of their addiction? All the answers to your questions about CBD and alcohol can be found in this article.

CBD et alcool

How does CBD interact with alcohol?

At the moment, there is not enough research to know exactly how CBD interacts with alcohol. However, some studies are already very promising and allow us to understand the positive actions of CBD on alcohol.

In 1979, a study published in the journal Psychopharmacology revealed the effects of the alcohol-CBD mixture. The participants were divided into four groups: the first group received a placebo, the second group received CBD, the third group received alcohol, and the fourth group received alcohol and CBD. The result of this study showed that the combination of alcohol and CBD causes :

  • significant impairments in psychomotor skills
  • a lower than average blood alcohol level

In 2013, a study conducted on animals brought to light a new aspect of CBD. It would actually protect against some of the harmful side effects of alcohol, including neurodegeneration. Thanks to a test carried out on animals, researchers were able to observe that CBD reduces by more than 50% the neurodegeneration caused by alcohol intake.

In 2014, a new study revealed that CBD protects against hepatic steatosis, a liver disease caused by alcohol. To do this, CBD would prevent liver damage from forming. Even if this disease can be cured with a conventional drug treatment, CBD can prevent it.

In the end, these few studies already allow us to notice the potential of CBD to counter the harmful effects of alcohol. However, is the mixture really without risk?

Can we really mix CBD and alcohol?

Although CBD is capable of countering some of the harmful effects of alcohol, it is not advisable to consume both at the same time. If you consume CBD, it is better to consume it alone than with alcohol. Like tobacco, alcohol is an exciting product that causes effects totally opposite to those of CBD. CBD allows you to relax, to calm down, to get rid of physical pain, but not to excite your brain, and even less to cause harmful side effects for your body. Even if you feel like you're relaxed by drinking alcohol, you won't be doubly relaxed because you're consuming CBD and alcohol at the same time.

To understand this, you need to know that CBD and alcohol simply act very differently on your body.

The effects of CBD

  • Acts on the endocannabinoid system
  • Regulates and protects the body
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Fights against stress and anxiety
  • Combats sleep disorders
  • Promotes good mood and motivation

The effects of alcohol

  • Acts as a narcotic on the brain
  • Slows down the connection between neurons
  • Provides a feeling of euphoria, relaxation and excitement
  • Decreases reflexes and alertness
  • Causes drowsiness and can lead to memory loss

Even if the alcohol-CBD mixture is not dangerous in the short term, it can become so in the long term. Again, it is important to remember that it is not the intake of CBD that is the problem, but the alcohol.

You can consume CBD every day without any danger, where consuming alcohol every day is extremely harmful to your health. The only context in which it would seem sensible to mix CBD and alcohol would be to combat the harmful effects of alcohol, and eventually, to combat alcoholism.

CBD consommation alcool

Can CBD help fight alcoholism?

Although it is not recommended to mix CBD and alcohol for recreational purposes, it can be said that this combination can be interesting if the two substances are consumed separately and in a complementary way. Used wisely and for the right reasons, CBD can even help you fight your addiction to alcohol.

In fact, the most recent studies from 2019 claim that CBD helps reduce several symptoms of alcohol addiction and withdrawal. For now, this study was only conducted on rats, but it still helps to show that CBD :

  • contributes to the reduction of your alcohol consumption ;
  • eliminates dependency and prevents relapses;
  • protects your body from the harmful effects of alcohol.

In the United States, CBD is already widely used in detoxification cures for both alcohol and hard drugs such as heroin. Thanks to CBD, patients suffer much less from the effects of withdrawal, and thus, the withdrawal is more serene.

If you suffer from alcoholism, it is very important to consult a health professional before consuming CBD. Although CBD is safe for your health, alcoholism requires medical attention and proper treatment. If your doctor agrees, you can take CBD to help you through this natural healing process.

Can CBD fight all forms of addiction?

It is still early to say that CBD is capable of fighting all forms of addiction. What we do know is that it is already being used in medical settings in the US and other countries to wean people off alcohol and hard drugs. In addition, scientific research has amply proven CBD's effectiveness on the endocannabinoid system, its regulatory effect and its role in reward signaling. If consumed properly, CBD reduces the risk of addiction and relapse.

What about CBD-based alcoholic drinks?

After CBD food products, CBD alcoholic drinks have appeared on the market. Like all alcoholic beverages, it is strongly advised to consume them in moderation. An occasional consumption of this type of drink should not harm you. But if you are a regular consumer, prefer pure and natural products such as oils, flowers, or CBD resins.

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