Honey with cannabis: discover its recipe and its benefits

Honey is the natural food that undoubtedly has the most virtues for humans. Its moisturising, repairing and healing effects on the skin, as well as its numerous health benefits in general, are no longer presented. Combined with CBD, cannabis honey multiplies its virtues by 10.

CBD or cannabidiol is known for its soothing and relaxing effects for anxiety and inflammation. This "light" cannabis is moreover legalized in many countries, it is often used for medical and therapeutic purposes, still it is necessary to use it well and not to abuse it. As you can see, cannabis honey is like a natural magic potion that cures many ills. So what is the recipe for cannabis honey? What are its countless virtues? That's what we invite you to discover in this article.

CBD or cannabis light

CBD or cannabidiol is a molecule from the large family of cannabinoids. It is found in the hemp plant among the 500 other cannabinoids, with a higher or lower rate depending on the variety.

Being more and more in demand in a medical setting, we now find hemp plants with a high level of CBD. These plants are also referred to as wellness hemp plants. It is thus possible to find therapeutic cannabis seeds to meet the needs of the consumer.

CBD, legal cannabis?

Cannabidiol is a legal substance in many countries as it is used in a therapeutic setting. CBD has no psychoactive effects unlike THC which is prohibited.

In France, the marketing of CBD has been officially authorized since November 2017 by an announcement made by the Ministry of Health, a decision taken on the basis that this substance is neither addictive nor toxic.

What are the virtues of CBD?

The benefits of CBD are many, in particular it helps to fight against:

  • Muscle pain;
  • Stress and anxiety;
  • Insomnia;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Mood changes;
  • Sadness.

CBD therefore neutralizes and calms muscular and neuropathic pain. However, studies involving CBD are recent and research is ongoing. Scientists suggest that CBD could open doors to treatments that will revolutionize medicine. Studies show that the two molecules of THC and CBD act on rheumatism, reduce necrosis and are even likely to reduce cancer cells.

cbd honey recipe

Honey with cannabis, a miraculous combination

There are many ways to use cannabinoids in food and reap its multiple benefits. For example, CBD can be incorporated into cake recipes, chocolate, chewing gum, but the best known recipe is cannabis honey.

Contrary to what one might think, honey with cannabis is not the fruit of bees having gathered pollen from hemp beds. Nor does it result from honey in which cannabis has been macerated.

The cannabis honey recipe

Cannabis honey does not result from a simple mixture of honey and cannabis as one might often think. In fact, cannabis does not dissolve in water, but only in oils, so cannabis honey is a mixture of fatty substances and honey.

How to prepare cannabis honey?

It is entirely possible to make your own cannabis honey at home. You will need honey, cannabis, a CBD oil of your choice, and some cooking utensils. How to proceed ? In particular, you will need:

  • A cup of natural honey, preferably good quality;
  • A 10ml bottle of CBD oil;
  • A saucepan that withstands heat well;
  • A glass jar with a lid.

First, put the expected amount of honey in the glass jar and then put the lid on without tightening it too much to allow the honey to escape. Then fill the pot with hot water, then put the pot in the pot, the water should cover about three quarters of the pot.

Let the jar stand in hot water for 3-5 minutes to loosen the honey. Once removed, add CBD oil to the jar and stir everything together then put the lid back on. Let the mixture cool and tighten the lid. It is advisable to leave the mixture in a dark and cool place.

If the CBD oil ever separates from the honey, put the jar back in hot water again for several minutes, remove it and stir the mixture again. It is not recommended to put the jar of honey in boiling water, as this will decrease the beneficial compounds of it.

What are the benefits of cannabis honey?

Cannabis Honey is a fabulous blend that allows you to enjoy both the health and wellness benefits of honey and CBD. It has a sweet taste that allows you to enjoy its nutritious benefits without containing excess sugar and artificial ingredients. Cannabis honey allows you to:

  • Facilitate digestion;
  • Improve immune function;
  • Calm skin inflammation;
  • Facilitate wound healing;
  • Calming depression, panic attacks and anxiety;
  • Relieve muscle pain and cardiovascular pathologies;
  • Regulate sleep and fight insomnia.

cbd honey recipe

What is the best way to use cannabis honey?

Using cannabis honey depends on what effect you want. For example, for internal ailments or simply for everyday well-being, it is best to use it orally. If you want to speed up the healing of a wound, spread cannabis honey on the affected area.

Cannabis honey: oral

If you want to use cannabis honey orally, we offer you a few ways to incorporate it into your daily routine, for example you can:

  • Put a teaspoon of cannabis honey in herbal tea every night before bed;
  • Spread CBD honey on a piece of bread or toast for breakfast, the sweet taste of honey is pleasant in the morning;
  • Mix cannabis honey with vinegar, mustard and olive oil to make a tasty dressing.

You can also take cannabis honey on its own without mixing it with any other food. For example, you can take a tablespoon of CBD honey in the evening to soothe a sore throat or a cough that usually persists at night.

Cannabis honey: cutaneous use

For skin problems, it would be more effective to apply cannabis honey directly to the affected area. Tingling is often felt on very sensitive skin or on very affected areas (burns, skin lesions, etc.). By dint of using it, cannabis honey heals wounds and has soothing effects.

For acne-prone skin and dry skin, it is advisable to integrate cannabis honey into the beauty routine, it could be used as a facial mask two to three times a week to have more results.

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