Can you get a bad trip from cannabis?

Bad trip is a term used to describe a traumatic experience following drug use. This type of situation is caused by certain types of drugs. These are substances capable of generating hallucinations, as well as other violent psychic effects. Psychosis or paranoia are other examples of bad trip symptoms. The question often arises about cannabis.

Cannabis is not on the subjective list of violent or hard drugs. That said, some people claim that it is possible to experience a bad trip as a result of cannabis use. But what is the reality? Is cannabis really that dangerous? We invite you to discover in this article all the details about the effects of this plant.

How to recognize a bad trip

When you're a novice to drug use, it's hard to know if you're having a bad trip. It's especially hard to detect when you're first starting out. You don't know if you're just high, or if you're taking it to a dangerously higher level. There are, however, some fairly telling symptoms that allow you to recognize such a situation.

The bad trip is characterized by a surge in feelings of anxiety. Anxiety takes hold of you, for one reason or another. This anxiety attack is soon accompanied by even more frightening situations. This can be paranoia or hallucinations, for example. The subject then starts to panic and/or have phobic attacks. Therefore, nausea and vomiting situations alone do not constitute a bad trip.

How long does a bad trip last?

The duration of a bad trip is quite variable. It differs from one individual to another, and from one situation to another. This situation may last only half an hour, but it can also extend to several hours. Whatever the case, the time that passes seems infinitely longer when we experience a bad trip.

Why do we have a bad trip?

Bad trips are the result of hallucinogenic substances that some drugs carry. However, some people are less prone to experiencing bad trips than others. There are in fact aggravating factors that amplify the risk of experiencing this type of psychic consequence.

Who is at risk for a bad trip?

Technically, anyone who uses hallucinogenic drugs is likely to experience a bad trip. That said, some people will be more predisposed than others. Bad trips are more likely to happen to psychologically fragile people. These are people who are usually sad, depressed, or who tend to have chronic bad trips. In addition to these people, people who use while tired, or going through a fairly stressful time, are also at risk.

On the other hand, the more energetic and those who generally display a certain joie de vivre are the least likely to experience a bad trip. That said, it's not impossible.

At the same time, it's not impossible.

In addition to the individual's natural resistance, there are the potential uses of other substances. We think in particular of alcohol, or certain medications that do not mix well with drugs.

bad trip effects

Cannabis and the bad trip

Cannabis is not among the drugs most likely to cause a bad trip. However, it is still possible, even if it is relatively rare. It is THC that is responsible for the hallucinogenic effect that can, in some users, cause a bad trip. However, one thing should be made clear: for THC to be able to cause hallucinogenic effects, it must be consumed in very large doses.

Thus, only cannabis strains with very high THC content might be able to cause the panic attacks and other symptoms of the bad trip. And even then, even at high doses, the people who will experience them are only a minority. They are mainly tired individuals, or in psychological fragility as we have previously mentioned.

Cannabis coupled with other substances

Other than the high THC content, cannabis can cause bad trips in other scenarios. Especially when consumed in conjunction with certain substances. Alcohol is one example, but not the only one. To consume it with other drugs, psychotropic drugs or even certain categories of medicines largely amplifies the risks.

Also, it should be noted that if you get your cannabis from the black market, you don't know what's in it. There is no way to be sure that what you are buying is just cannabis, or if there is anything else. Therefore, hallucinogenic substances potentially contained in what you bought can cause a bad trip.

Is it possible to reduce the risk of experiencing a bad trip?

If you're scared of having this traumatic experience, to say the least, know that there are still a few ways to prevent it from happening. First, try to get your cannabis from a safe source. The least you can do is know what you're consuming, so avoid the black market as much as possible.

Next, avoid consuming your cannabis when you are feeling mentally fatigued. In line with the risk factors we've seen, this would amplify your chances of having a bad trip. The same is true if you are experiencing a period of pressure at work or in your personal life. In any situation or period of stress, it's best to avoid smoking, or at least reduce your consumption.

Make it a habit to consume your cannabis surrounded by friends, if at all possible. That way, if one of you happens to have a bad trip, the others can deal with it. Speaking of which, when a person is experiencing this type of situation, it is recommended that they change their environment. You should also make sure to explain to her multiple times that what she is feeling and that it will go away.

cannabis bad trip

Is an experienced user safe from a bad trip?

To think that a bad trip only catches the novice cannabis user off guard is a mistake. An experienced smoker can also fall victim to this type of psychic situation. However, this is relatively rare, for one simple reason. The experienced user is aware of these types of situations and usually knows what to do to reduce the risks.

Also, he or she has learned over time about his or her resistance, and is better able to consume correct doses.

What to do in case of a bad trip

If, despite all precautions, you are still caught by a bad trip, it is important to implement certain procedures. First, get out of the room you are in. It is important to move to another place and get some fresh air. This will reassure you on one hand, and help the effects wear off faster.

You can also call someone you trust, who will help you deal with the situation by reassuring you. Also, be sure to control your breathing. Don't let panic get the better of you, or the situation will quickly escalate. Finally, remember that the effect is only temporary and will eventually wear off. Obviously, if you only consume CBD without THC, the risks of bad trip are non-existent!

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