Comment faire de l’huile de CBD avec des cristaux

How to Obtain CBD Oil With Crystals

Knowing how to produce your own CBD oil stock has several advantages. Thanks to this, you will save a huge amount of money, and that too in the long run. This is undoubtedly a performance that will be very useful to you. This also means that you know the exact ingredients that were used. However, to make your own oil from scratch, you will need a lot of space, a lot of work, and, above all, the right equipment. However, there is an effective way to make your own CBD oil without necessarily putting in all that effort. It is the use of CBD crystals. These remove the difficulties associated with extracting the cannabinoid. The work will have been done up front, and instead, you will get 99% pure CBD crystals that you can easily add to your various products, especially oils. Want to make your own oil with CBD crystals? Well, this article will provide you with all the missing information.

Why CBD oil and Crystals?

CBD oil is made in a rather conventional way, which is to say, from flowers. This is a process of extracting cannabidiol through CO2. To do this, you need a lot of cannabis flowers. This extraction can also be done with alcohol, but it should be noted that the process of obtaining a pure and quality CBD oil will be much longer.

With CBD crystals, you will be able to make your CBD oil faster and more efficiently. Moreover, by opting for this method, you will save enough money as the crystals are cheaper. They are also safer and purer than any other cannabidiol derivatives in composition. When CBD oil is produced under good organic and natural conditions, it can contain other extracts such as flavonoids and terpenes.

The Obtaining of CBD Oil From Crystals

Cannabidiol can be consumed in several ways, but one of the most recognized is oil. This can be easily obtained by mixing a carrier oil with crystals. Then, this mixture should be added to a dropper bottle. But how can this be done?

What equipment will you need?

To make your own CBD oil, you will first and foremost need 500 mg of CBD crystals displaying 99% purity. To stop the crystals, you will also need a carrier oil. Indeed, cannabidiol is lipophilic: it is a fat absorber. You can also opt for olive oil. The latter contains healthy fats that will diversify the composition of your oil. You still have another option—that of MCT oil. It is tasteless and odorless. In addition, it is very beneficial for the brain as it is an instant source of energy.

Finally, you will need to bring a dropper bottle with a volume of 30 ml, an oral syringe, a funnel and a spoon.

What to do

To start, you need to decide how strong your oil will be. This is a good place to start so you don't mess around. In doing so, we will add 500 mg of CBD crystals to a 30 ml volume of oil. One will thus obtain after mixture a concentration of 16.6 mg of CBD / ml. The next step is to take the dropper bottle and add the CBD crystals. Place the funnel at the entrance of the bottle and use a spoon to pour the crystals into the funnel. Then, take the oral syringe to measure the right amount of oil. Then remove the oil from its container and pour it into the dropper bottle until 30 ml is complete.

Finish by screwing the dropper cap onto the bottle and stirring the mixture copiously for about a minute.

The benefits of using CBD crystals, what are they?

Crystals are the purest version of cannabidiol. It can be infused into any product without introducing other unwanted substances or molecules into the product. The biggest advantage of CBD crystals is their simplicity. To use them, all you have to do is sprinkle a few crystals into the formula.

Also, CBD crystals are devoid of THC. That's actually why they're so appealing to those people who want to turn to cannabis but fear the appearance of THC in mandatory tests at work.

If CBD crystals do not contain THC, that means they are not psychotropic. Therefore, there is no risk of overdose even if they are taken all day long. You can take them without losing your lucidity and be 100% effective. Given the concentration of CBD crystals, there is no longer any doubt about their potency and the fact that they work faster than other cannabidiol derivatives.

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How to Use CBD Crystal Oil

This oil can be consumed as a tincture. It can be placed under the tongue for quick absorption, and if you want a more prolonged effect, it will have to be swallowed. It is also possible to add the oil to any drink or recipe of your choice. So you can try it in smoothies, coffee or even tea.

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