Comment doser les cristaux de CBD

How to dose CBD crystals?

For many years, more and more products derived from cannabidiol have been released on the market. Non-psychotropic and from hemp, cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is very present today in the nutraceutical and medical industry. Indeed, after many studies have been conducted on the subject, it has been proven to have several therapeutic properties. The CBD molecule is present on the market in different forms. You are probably already familiar with CBD-based essential oils and CBD flowers. But what about CBD crystals.To dose it, you have to consider a number of factors such as metabolism, weight, or even the user's health. Want to learn more about CBD crystals and how to dose them? This article will be of great help to you.

CBD Crystals, What Are They?

Currently, on the market, there is no purer, cleaner cannabidiol derivative than CBD crystals. Including marginal traces of other terpenes and cannabinoids, these crystals reach a purity level worth 98%. This purity is reached via different extraction processes, the most efficient of which is called the "supercritical carbon dioxide process." During this process, all the vegetable matter is filtered to extract and eliminate all undesirable components such as superfluous waxes. The product that we obtain at the end is a CBD isolate in a crystalline powder form. This powder is similar to sugar.

Cannabidiol crystals have many advantages. However, the main thing that is remembered is their ability to dissolve easily in drinks and food. They can also be applied as a topical balm, dabbed, vaporized or even applied sublingually. Thanks to this diversity, the CBD consumer has many options available to him. Therefore, he will have no more excuses.

As you know, CBD products have a reputation for tasting bitter. But, such is not the case with CBD crystals. Let us also note that they are completely devoid of THC. Therefore, they are non-psychoactive.

The Dosage of CBD Crystals

First and foremost, there is nothing to worry about when overusing cannabidiol. The CBD molecule is not toxic, so there is no risk of overdose. Nevertheless, in case you overdo it, chances are you will be much more relaxed than you intended. So this would be a waste of crystals and, consequently, money. As with anything, it is best to start very slowly. As time goes on, there is an opportunity to progress gradually until the desired effect is achieved.

However, it should be noted that the dosage depends on certain points such as metabolism, health, and weight. Still, experts recommend starting with a daily dose of 5 to 25 mg. The average starting dose is estimated to be 10 mg daily. Always check the label on your product. It will state the concentration of CBD and the serving size it is recommended to take.

The CBD crystals require a very precise scale. This is essential. For optimal use, they will need to be weighed to get the correct and accurate dosage. If it's recommended to consume 10 mg of CBD per day, and the majority of CBD products advise taking it three or even four times a day, well, you're going to have to make sure you ingest, dabble, or vaporize an amount between 2.5 and 3.5 mg of crystals per dose.

Then, after this step, the next step will be to listen carefully to your body. Specifically, it will be to pay attention to its different reactions and whether they are positive or negative. After consuming the first dose, it is generally necessary to wait between 3 and 4 hours to feel the different effects. If you still don't feel anything after a few hours, then move on to a much larger dose. The effects vary from one individual to another. Once you get to the stage where you start to feel the effects of the crystals, try to stay at that dose for a week or so.

During the said week, you will need to monitor your body carefully. You will need to look for an idea of your energy levels, mental state, and overall health. Depending on what you notice, you can reduce or increase the dosage until you get the desired effect. Taking your time is the best way to achieve a convincing result. This way, you won't waste money overusing, and the effects won't be too weak either.

Where to Find CBD Crystals 

There are many sites online today offering CBD crystals. Among these are 321CBD which is the market leader. It is a comprehensive site that offers different CBD products such as CBD flowers, resin, wax, or crystals. 321CBD offers consumers a wide range of crystals that can be used in different ways. Present in several countries, 321CBD's products are the best in the market.

What are the different ways to consume CBD crystals?

There are many. First comes dabbing, which is the most popular. It involves dissolving the concentrate and sucking out the vapor cloud. Next comes the sublingual method, under the tongue, which is the most effective and fastest. With the latter, one feels the effects very quickly.

It is also possible to consume its CBD crystals by vaping thanks to a vaporizer mixed with a vaporizing liquid or with a carrier oil, and to finish; one can also mix them with food.

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