Comment vaporiser les cristaux CBD

How to Vaporize CBD Crystals Easily

Cannabidiol or CBD is generally used in two forms, namely capsules or oil. These allow it to be dosed very accurately. However, today, there is a brand new way to consume CBD, which is vaporization. This is done via a vaporizer that must be used by following a few guidelines. If you are interested in CBD crystals and want to know how to vaporize them. Well, you will find in this article some information that will be very useful.

Vaporizing CBD Crystals

The advantages of vaporization are many, but the most important is that it allows CBD to act very effectively and, most importantly, very quickly. For this, it only needs a few seconds, about ten, not more. This is not the case with oral consumption, which requires waiting between 30 minutes and an hour before feeling the first effects.

Vaporizing CBD crystals that have been infused with terpenes is also a way to be able to enjoy many of the flavors from the best varieties of cannabis. This, while being able to avoid having to deal with the distinctive taste of CBD oil.

Note that the CBD crystal vaporizer is very similar to the classic electronic cigarettes that are often found on the market. Because of this, it can be used in the most discreet of ways. This is more advantageous to those who wish to enjoy their crystals even during their various outings. Pretty convenient.

However, let's note that CBD crystals are not dosable with precision. For that, you will indeed need to use a scale with the ability to be able to measure to the mg. The vaporizer has a very fast action. Its user can then easily be satisfied with the amount of CBD crystals needed, stopping to vaporize once the effective dose is reached.

Using the CBD Crystal Vaporizer

For novices, using the CBD crystal vaporizer might seem complicated, yet it is not.

Just attach the magnetic atomizer to the battery and fill it with the CBD crystals to about 1/3 of its capacity. To do this, use the small tool provided for this purpose in the kit. Then, it will be necessary to add the mouthpiece, also magnetic. Press the button to turn on the vaporizer and hold it down while slowly and deeply inhaling the vapor. Note that the vaporizer must be held in an upright position throughout the operation. The mouthpiece will therefore need to be positioned upwards.

Once you inhale the vapor, be sure to hold it in your lungs for a few moments before releasing it outside. When the amount of vapor produced decreases, it means that the atomizer will need to be refilled with new crystals. Also, perhaps the product's battery is just drained.

To turn on or off the battery of a CBD vaporizer, you need to press the button five times. You can adjust the intensity of the vapor produced according to your different needs. To do this, a voltage variation has been integrated into the battery. To change this voltage, simply press the button provided for this purpose four times. Then, you will have to observe its color.

When this one is green, this means that the voltage is low. This is the best choice for those looking for a smooth and light vapor while preserving the different terpene flavors as best as possible.

As for the blue color, it indicates rather a medium tension. Here the resulting vapor is much more concentrated and dense, but the aromatic richness is not totally there.

Finally, there is the red color to indicate a high tension. This setting results in heavy clouds and is actually not recommended by professionals. Indeed, with such vaporization, the temperature is very important and even approaches that of combustion.

There are also two types of atomizers to choose from. The first is made of quartz and has two resistors (dual coil). This one allows you to create a larger amount of vapor and is actually the most popular model among users. The second is the ceramic model, which has no resistance (coil-less). The steam produced by this model is lighter and softer. It is also much more aromatic.

Before using any vaporizer, you should read the manufacturer's recommendations very carefully. This will ensure that you don't mess around and use your product most optimally.

Where to Find CBD Crystals

Today, there are a plethora of sites that offer the online sale of CBD crystals. Among these, one is pulling its weight, and that is 321CBD. Leader in the online CBD market, and we are present in many countries worldwide (France, Germany, USA and Poland). We offer very good quality CBD crystals, the best on the market

CBD Products That You Can Vaporize

For CBD vaping to be possible, one must use it in the form of CBD isolate crystals. The latter is offered in different formats like 1000 mg or even 5000 mg. Note, however, that CBD oils are not vaporizable. The same goes for e-liquids. For the latter, you need an electronic cigarette. However, it is advisable not to confuse the latter and the CBD vaporizer, even if they have a very similar mode of operation.

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