CBD: a great ally to eliminate cellulite?

Although it is a totally natural phenomenon, nobody likes to see cellulite appear on their body. According to statistics, about 90% of women experience cellulite in their lifetime, while only 10% of men do. In order to fight orange peel skin, most people turn to the famous anti-cellulite creams that promise smooth and firm skin from the first use. Unfortunately, these creams are not always very effective and sometimes their chemical composition only deteriorates the quality of the skin. So, could CBD help you effectively reduce this cellulite problem?

Praised for its moisturizing, soothing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, hemp is increasingly used in cosmetics and wellness. Indeed, CBD is a natural cannabis molecule that has many benefits for the skin, including cellulite and stretch marks.

In addition to being very effective in fighting stress, anxiety and pain, CBD is extremely beneficial for the skin. CBD is now an integral part of the wellness, cosmetic and beauty industry. Thanks to its healing properties, CBD promotes cell regeneration and collagen production. As a result, the skin is thicker, softer, and more elastic. If you want to know how CBD acts on cellulite, and how to use it well to get rid of this orange skin, discover in this article, all the information related to CBD and cellulite.

CBD cellulite

The effects of CBD on cellulite

To understand the role of CBD on the skin, you must know that cellulite is an accumulation of fat cells under the skin, which develop and grow until the appearance of what is called orange peel skin. This is a natural phenomenon that is not harmful to health but which, despite everything, complicates many women because the skin becomes less smooth, less elastic and less soft to the touch. Generally, cellulite is located on the hips, buttocks and lower abdomen.

CBD is a powerful antioxidant that naturally boosts collagen production, making the skin younger, softer and more elastic. Even as a preventative measure, collagen reduces the chances of getting cellulite as we age. And because it affects the texture and elasticity of the skin, CBD also helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and small blemishes.

More recently, studies have revealed the potential of CBD on fat burning. In addition to improving the quality of the skin, CBD promotes the process of eliminating fat and therefore facilitates weight loss. Finally, thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, CBD helps reduce the pain that can be caused by cellulite. For some people, pressing or pinching these sensitive areas can be very painful. But luckily, CBD helps reduce this inflammatory pain! In summary, CBD has a triple action on cellulite:

  • Visually, it improves the quality of the skin
  • Under the skin, it promotes the burning of fat
  • And in case of pain, it soothes inflammation

Which form of CBD to choose to fight against cellulite?

On the CBD market, you can find many products and more and more in the world of cosmetics. If you have no experience in the field of hemp, you are probably wondering which product to choose and how to apply it to enjoy all its benefits. For CBD to work effectively on your cellulite, you have 3 options.

CBD body creams

The best solution to get rid of cellulite using CBD is to apply a cream locally on the affected areas, namely: hips, thighs, buttocks and lower stomach. Firstly, this local application is ideal because the absorption is fast and direct. Secondly, it is highly recommended to massage the affected areas to break up the fat cells and make the cellulite disappear.

Generally, cellulite is caused by continuous sitting, cross-leggedness, lack of exercise, tight clothing, etc. So, massage yourself, or get a daily massage with a CBD cream, and you will see very promising results within the first few weeks.

CBD oils

If you already have an anti-cellulite cream, there's no need to throw it in the trash. Instead, add a few drops of CBD oil to it with each use. CBD oil is highly recommended for cellulite removal, as it works even deeper than creams. Just like traditional essential oils, CBD oil will be able to penetrate to the hypodermis, the deepest layer of the skin.

CBD infusions

In addition to massages, consider drinking CBD-based herbal teas. You can either prepare them yourself with CBD flowers or resins, or simply add a few drops of CBD oil to your green tea. Indeed, green tea also has antioxidant properties that are particularly interesting for eliminating toxins and burning fat. If you combine these 2 tips, your cellulite will fade much faster, and your health will thank you.

Comment éliminer la cellulite avec le CBD

Is CBD a miracle cure for cellulite?

Certainly, CBD can be used to eliminate cellulite. That said, CBD is not a miracle ingredient that will make your cellulite disappear overnight. In order for CBD to be as effective as possible, you must have a very healthy lifestyle in parallel: eat healthy, drink a lot of water and do a minimum of sport. If you combine this healthy lifestyle with CBD, you can say goodbye to cellulite!

And above all, it is important to stress that cellulite is a natural phenomenon, which you should not obsess over. Even if you are in good health, that you exercise regularly and that your diet is ultra healthy, it is possible that you still have a little cellulite, and this is not serious. It is even quite normal, natural, healthy and sometimes hereditary. So yes, CBD can improve the appearance of your skin, make it more beautiful and relieve inflammatory pain. But no, you shouldn't wage war on cellulite, nor should you think that CBD is a miracle cure.

Can CBD cause side effects to the skin?

With CBD, there is no risk of overdosing or adverse side effects to your health. You can apply CBD creams on your body without any risk, as it is a completely natural product. If you still have any doubts about the CBD product you just bought, apply a small amount to make sure it doesn't cause any allergic reactions. Often, it is the other active ingredients in the cream that may be responsible for a possible skin reaction.

Can CBD help to lose weight?

Yes, insofar as CBD promotes the burning of fat, it can be considered to facilitate weight loss. In addition, it causes an appetite suppressant effect that can also facilitate this process. However, it is not the CBD itself that will make you lose weight, but your lifestyle. So, see CBD as a complement or as an aid to achieve your goals.

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