• Where to buy cheap CBD?

    On 321CBD, we offer you a large choice of cheap CBD products on the internet. It is by ordering large quantities of medical cannabis and negotiating the prices that we can offer you cheaper CBD. In addition, we try to keep our advertising campaigns to a minimum so that they do not affect our sales prices. Our success is mainly due to the recommendation of our customers.

  • What products can I buy?

    Find our cheap CBD Flowers, our E-liquids, our Oils, our Resins, our Crystals, our Cosmetics and, our products for animals. All you need to do is try! Our varieties contain beneficial properties that hemp has been offering us naturally for centuries.

    Its use for therapeutic purposes is becoming increasingly popular, and allows patients suffering from pathologies such as Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer's disease to experience positive effects, in addition to their traditional treatment. This "medical marijuana" allows, thanks to its analgesic action, to relieve chronic pain

    Our best sales are mainly focused on e-liquids, resins, wax, terpsolators, and CBD flower. Find in particular the Ringo's Gift, the Swiss Tsunami, the Nina Limone very close to a Lemon haze, the Sour Widow and the Orange Bud! And of course test our cannabidiol oils: the results of its regular consumption will not fail to surprise you. Oils are also one of the easiest ways to consume by ingestion.

    Among our most popular references are an outdoor flower, Ringo, and an indoor flower, Orange Bud Indoor. We also have several greenhouse varieties, which are a good compromise between indoor and outdoor cultivation.

    If you don't want to take any risks and opt for a safe bet, simply choose our OG Kush. By the way, OG Kush is the variety known in the world for its historical excellence. Originally grown at high altitudes in the mountains of Afghanistan, OG Kush became popular in the 1970s.

    In the future, it is worth noting that you will find cbg-based products, including cbg oils. This cannabinoid is none other than the parent molecule that gives rise to cbd and thc. Its properties are the subject of numerous studies and are very promising.

  • How to consume our products?

    There are many ways to consume our products. Whether it is by inhalation, by vaporization, or to vaporize, by ingestion of oil, capsules or capsules, or by unction if you use a cosmetic product, the effects of therapeutic hemp and especially the active principles of cannabidiol are within your reach.

    However, we do not recommend smoking cbd flowers to avoid the obvious negative consequences of the harmful compounds associated with smoking. We prefer to direct you towards vaporization or infusions. You can prepare infusions or herbal teas based on flowering tops as you would with conventional herbs bought in the supermarket.

    Each method of consumption is adapted to the sensibility of the consumer. Yes, because not everyone has the same receptors. And each method has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of dosage. Indeed, it is much easier to respect the doses with capsules for example, than by consuming resin whose quantity is left to your appreciation. It should be noted that to practice vaping, you will need a vaporizer or an electronic cigarette.

  • What are the effects of CBD?

    CBD is generally recognized by the general public and some scientific studies for various virtues:

    • To help regulate the immune system
    • Have a possible anti-inflammatory effect on our body
    • Have a possible positive influence in tests to treat epilepsy
    • Have a positive effect in channeling a disease like multiple sclerosis
    • Help to soothe pain
    • Helps to moisturize dry skin, if consumed as a balm
    • Help cure tinnitus
    • May have a positive effect on autism in children
    • Help treat rosacea

    Our types of CBD do not give a cerebral high. Indeed, Lemon Haze resin is not a psychotropic drug like hashish could be for example. Besides, cannabidiol does not come from sativa cannabis varieties but rather from indica. Finally, it should be noted that there are also some secondary repercussions, depending on individual sensitivities. Consuming our products, in high doses and especially during specific treatments, can cause nausea and vomiting, but also in some cases a loss of appetite as well as a renewed appetite. In other, rarer cases, hallucinations due to excessive consumption may occur.

    It should be noted that the effects also depend on how the molecule is administered. Oils, for example, provide a faster action by sublingual administration, compared to ingestion during a meal.

    Finally, there is a gustatory pleasure derived from the flavors of each variety consumed. In fact, taste plays a significant role in the notes left by our most satisfied customers. Flavors are maintained by what are called terpenes, which are the molecules responsible for smell and taste.

    The most passionate and experienced consumers like to spot citrus notes for example, or woody notes. However, not all consumers have a fine palate, and it will take some practice to really spot all the flavors like an oenologist tasting a fine wine.

  • Can I pay by credit card?

    You have the possibility to pay your purchases by Visa or Mastercard. The payment is 100% secure. On your bank statement, only the mention TIP SEPA will appear without any mention of 321CBD. You will then receive an order confirmation email and a new email once your package is shipped with the tracking number.

  • How do I know I can trust you?

    We are an official company registered in Luxembourg (European Union) with an identification number (B232323). We pay our charges and taxes like any other company.
    We are also present on Avis Vérifiés in order to provide you with reliable reviews on our site and our products. We only offer 100% legal products like our flowers (or legal weed).
    Thousands of customers have trusted us, so why not you?

  • How do you contact us for advice?

    You can send us an email via the contact form on the "Contact" page of our site. As a leader in CBD UK, our customer service is naturally in English

    Nevertheless, we cannot give medical advice and we recommend you consult your doctor for any questions on this subject.

  • Promotion CBD

    On your e-shop 321CBD, we regularly offer very attractive promotions. Take advantage of them, stocks are limited!
    The loyalty rewards and the sponsorship program are generally deactivated during the promotional operations and are reactivated afterwards.
    Due to sanitary measures and commercial events (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas period), delivery delays may occur. We cannot therefore guarantee delivery within 24/48 hours.
  • What is the CBD content of your CBD flowers?

    Our flower varieties have a CBD content ranging from about 9% to 25%. Products like Asteroid Comet have a high level of 85% while MoonRock has a level of 35%. These products are legal in UK and in the European Union.

  • Is CBD flower legal?

    Contrary to cannabis being considered a narcotic, the CBD flower contains practically no THC (very low content of less than 0.2%). It has no psychoactive effect on consumers and is completely legal in UK, Germany, Austria, Poland, and other European Union countries.

  • What is CBD?

    CBD is one of the cannabinoids naturally present in cannabis, appreciated for its soothing properties. It is a highly lipophilic and non-psychoactive bicyclic phytocannabinoid. It does not have psychotropic effects, unlike THC.
    It could have medicinal properties such as an effect :

    1. Stress
    2. Relaxation
    3. Antispasmodic
    4. Anti-inflammatory

    As well, according to some studies, positive effects on

    1. The nervous system
    2. Multiple sclerosis
    3. Digestive disorders
    4. Epilepsy
    5. Acne
    6. Bipolar disorders
    7. Digestive disorders
    8. Rheumatism
    9. Cholesterol
    10. Bloating

    Our body is equipped with an endocannabinoid system whose CB1 or CB2 receptors are located in our various organs and are responsible for absorbing the molecule constituting the therapeutic cannabis or medical cannabis.

    The flowers are consumed in herbal tea, infusion, or vaporization (using a vaporizer) to benefit from all the benefits and virtues. It is not recommended to smoke the flowers or the herb. Moreover, the flowers are forbidden to pregnant women.

    CBD can also be grown indoors, outdoors, or in greenhouses, depending on the variety. At 321CBD, you will find the best quality of our therapeutic cannabinoid products.

  • Where do your CBD flowers come from?

    We market our hemp flowers perfectly dried after a rigorous selection among our partner growers specializing in cannabis in the cultivation of cannabis and its harvest. The plants are cultivated, harvested, dried, and manicured according to the rules of art without chemical compounds. Our CBD flowers come from recognized Swiss and Italian producers.

  • What are the CBD flavours you offer?

    You will find on our site different flavours (perfumes or aroma), for example:

    1. Citrus (orange, lemon, or lemon)
    2. Fruity
    3. Menthol (mint and peppermint)
    4. Pepper
    5. Eucalyptus
    6. Sweet
    7. Diesel
    8. OG Kush
    9. Mango
    10. Haze (aftertaste)

    The flavour or aroma is provided by terpenes. These are responsible for the odoriferous properties of the hemp plant.

    Let the exquisite taste of the plant be your guide.

  • What is CBD resin?

    CBD resin is a natural product of cannabinaceous plants, better known as Cannabis Sativa or Indian Hemp.

    These plants have long been used by man to create textiles and later for food and its many medicinal virtues.

    Nowadays, research has succeeded in bringing to light the therapeutic power behind a cannabis plant.

    Even though research is still ongoing, the results have already allowed us to understand how cannabinoid molecules react and interact with our bodies.

    Cannabidiol, aka CBD, appears to be a molecule rich in active ingredients beneficial to the body and mind.

    Benefits that can be found in CBD resin.

    This resin is one of the forms of CBD; it looks like hash for recreational use but is devoid of psychotropic effects and full of therapeutic benefits!

    To obtain it, growers use hemp pollen extracted from the plant before being gathered into a ball.

    Cannabis resin is thus obtained by extracting the hemp plant.

  • How to consume CBD resin?

    Cannabidiol resin is a more or less soft and sticky paste that you can consume in different ways.

    Indeed, it comes in handy for cooking CBD dishes! Just add it to your culinary compositions sparingly.

    You can also consume CBD resin by vaporization; for this, you have to invest in a vaporizer.

    Inhalation is also a recommended mode of consumption for this type of cannabidiol product.

    Some medical cannabis consumers do not hesitate to smoke it, however mixing this product with tobacco and ingesting it by combustion is not recommended for your health.

    You may also ingest tar, nicotine, and many other harmful substances.

  • Why CBD resin brand Plant of Life?

    Designed with the greatest care and tested in the laboratory, Plant of Life's CBD resins are made from hemp plants carefully selected for their quality.

    This care, taken in the cultivation of medical cannabis and the production of CBD resin, allows you to enjoy consistent quality and excellent products. The wide range of Plant of Life offers you the possibility to choose between several flavours and dosages.

    So you can adapt your desires and needs to your CBD hashish.

  • What is the difference between CBD molecules and THC?

    Thanks to the numerous researches, scientists have discovered CBD and THC, two complementary and yet so different molecules. THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, is a drug and causes harmful effects on the body, which is why this molecule is classified as a drug.

    Unlike CBD, cannabidiol, which is not a psychoactive molecule but rather a beneficial plant substance.

    CBD does not cause euphoria or hallucinations. No risk of getting high.

    Moreover, the legalization of cannabis concerns only CBD, and precisely, science allows today to modify the cannabis seed so that it produces only a rate of 0,2 % of THC.

    It is from these feminized seeds that cannabidiol and subsequently CBD resin are born.

  • What is hemp oil?

    Indian hemp, better known as Cannabis Sativa, is a plant classified in the cannabinaceae family. It allows the production of many molecules, including CBD. Cannabidiol oil is extracted from the seeds of CBD cannabis and is rich in active ingredients. This low THC oil is beneficial for your body and mind. Although it is still subject to much research regarding potential medicinal properties, the findings are already very promising!

    Aside from being a top-notch anti-inflammatory, CBD oils never cease to amaze with their multiple properties. It is a product derived from the cultivation of hemp that should increase your well-being daily, with only a few intakes per day, mostly morning and evening. It is a question of acquiring a certain regularity in consuming this CBD oil, and we will now see how to consume it.

  • How to consume CBD oil?

    Hemp flower extract is usually enriched with hemp seed oil or olive oil to produce hemp CBD oil. Most often in the form of drops, but CBD extract is also available in capsules for ingestion. Pipette bottles containing cannabidiol oil allow for sublingual consumption. In other words, they allow you to ingest CBD and enjoy its active ingredients quickly by placing a few drops directly under the tongue. It is possible to ingest hemp oil by mixing it with your culinary preparations.

    That's not all; CBD oil can be mixed with other vegetable oils in cosmetics. Indeed, just like argan oil, olive oil, or castor oil, CBD oil can also be used on the skin. Moreover, it is an excellent moisturizing and protective agent for dry or acne-prone skin. This oil is also used in hair cosmetics; it nourishes and protects the scalp and dry hair. It is a cosmetic with many virtues: anti-aging, anti-redness, antioxidants, etc.

    You can use our cannabis oil for massages. It is very moisturizing, perfect for sensitive skin, helps against aging, and promotes elasticity.

    In addition, electronic cigarette or vaporizer enthusiasts can also enjoy the benefits of CBD oil. They have the possibility to vapourize it for inhalation consumption.

  • Our wide selection of cannabidiol oils

    321CBD offers you certified and original cannabis oils at the best price. You have the highest quality products from the leading European and national manufacturers. Tested by independent laboratories specialized in medical cannabis and CBD to ensure maximum purity and compatibility of the active ingredients contained in the product. All our oils are 100% natural and contain no impurities.

    Our 4-star products, the CBD oils of the Nerobi brand, come in a 10 or 30ml bottle with progressive CBD levels. Thus your ingestion can go crescendo following progressive doses according to your feeling and effects.

  • Understanding the difference between CBD and THC molecules

    Unlike THC, which is a banned and psychoactive substance, CBD does not cause intoxication, addiction, or side effects. It can be used safely without fear of a change in consciousness or an overdose. CBD cannabis flower oil is produced only from legal strains, which can only contain traces of THC below 0.2%. It is therefore legal and available over the counter on our website.

    If THC is a drug classified as a narcotic, CBD is a form of medical cannabis or therapeutic cannabis that can relieve the body and mind. Its many active properties make it a legal and benevolent substance!

  • Properties of CBD oil

    It is constantly being studied whether cannabidiol oils have a real effect on the human body and the brain. Currently, studies are looking at anti-inflammatory properties, stimulation of the immune system, effect on cholesterol, reduction of wrinkles, reduction of stretch marks, or even interactions with sebum. But above all, CBD is known for its great potential to relax the body and the nervous system.

    CBD oil has no psychoactive effect and is therefore not classified as a drug.
    You may be a frequent consumer of walnut oil, Jojoba oil, or coconut oil! To vary, whether for you or your clients, using CBD oil is to opt for an oil with a high potential of hydration of the epidermis, a massage oil whose beneficial effect relieves the skin and relaxes the muscles.

    A few drops of CBD essential oil already allow you to experience the many benefits of the cannabis plant on the human body. Indeed, the use of CBD oil promotes the relaxation of muscle groups and brings its nourishing and moisturizing properties to dry skin, for example.

  • CBD wax: what do I need to know about it?

    CBD or cannabidiol is a substance extracted from cannabis and recognized for its numerous virtues. It is marketed in several forms and CBD wax is one of them. The English word "wax" is used to designate wax. Therefore, the CBD wax is actually a CBD wax. It is composed of crystallized CBD oil and comes in the form of a dry, hard paste. Its CBD concentration is one of the highest of the various cannabidiol products available. This means that even with a small amount of CBD wax, you will be able to take full advantage of the properties of Cannabidiol. Wax CBD owes its particularity to its extraction process. Thanks to its high concentration, it could be considered as one of the best products to enjoy the benefits of CBD. It is therefore necessary to learn as much as possible about it.

  • What are the consumption processes of CBD wax?

    Cannabinoids are a group of chemicals that can activate the cannabis receptors in the human body. Unlike some other CBD products that can be consumed in multiple ways, CBD wax has only two modes of consumption. It can either be inhaled or combined with other edibles for oral ingestion. When it comes to inhaling CBD wax, you can resort to "Dabbing". This is the most popular method of inhaling CBD wax. It involves applying a small amount of CBD wax to a hot surface and inhaling the fumes produced. This technique is a bit complex to master, but after a few attempts, the skill comes naturally. Another method is to turn the CBD wax into e-liquids for inhaling through electronic cigarettes. You can also use a vaporizer or a pipe. As for the second method of consumption, you can use CBD wax as an ingredient to concoct your dishes and different recipes. Drinks, pastries, exotic or traditional dishes, you have the possibility to combine your CBD wax with any food of your choice, according to your taste and dosage. The dosage of CBD wax varies according to each individual. Experienced users already know what dosage offers them the desired effects. For beginners, it will be necessary to start with fairly low doses that will be increased over time with a small fire.

  • What are the benefits of CBD wax?

    During the last decades, cannabidiol has shown some very interesting medicinal properties. Its virtues are the main reasons why people grow, sell and buy cannabis. Wax also has its properties. CBD wax can be used in the treatment of various conditions such as mental disorders (schizophrenia, bipolarity...). CBD promotes good blood circulation and acts as a powerful antidepressant and anti-inflammatory. The high cannabidiol content of CBD wax, makes it one of the best forms of CBD to consume for quick relief. Whether you vaporize, inhale, or consume it in your food, wax helps to relieve stress and relax you when you're nervous. It is therefore very useful for people suffering from chronic pain. In addition to promoting the slowing of cancer cell proliferation, the consumption of CBD wax allows chemotherapy patients to better cope with pain and treatments. However, it should be noted that CBD should not be used as a treatment in its own right, but rather as a supplement to medical treatments.

  • What are the different flavours of CBD wax that are available?

    Flavour is one of the most important criteria when buying hemp wax. It will have a different smell and flavor depending on the cannabis plant it comes from. All the CBD waxes we offer in our selection contain a CBD content of 66%. They come from the brand ''plant of life'' which is known for the professionalism and the rigor that it puts in the manufacture of products derived from hemp as the CBD wax. Each product comes from hemp plants cultivated in a healthy environment and without chemicals. In this collection, you will find a total of 59 CBD waxes, each with its own original flavour. Some of the fruity flavors include banana, mango, apple, watermelon, peach and many others. Other flavours you may be tempted by are chocolate, cookie, lemon haze and blue cheese. Whatever your tastes and desires, you will surely find in our large collection, the CBD wax that will suit you.

  • Is the consumption of CBD wax legal?

    Marijuana has always been a drug. That has never changed. In a way, the law has been precise on this subject. However, an exception has been made. This comes from the fact that cannabidiol is not considered a narcotic. Also, the fact that the body gives a positive response to its action is a key factor. It is for this reason that some varieties of cannabis are subject to decriminalization. To put it better, growing cannabis does not always expose you to a penalty. Since this legislation stipulates that a ceiling of 0.2% THC must be taken into account for products enriched with cannabidiol, cannabis sativa and indica are among the authorized species. In UK, only hemp fibres and cannabis seeds can be used for the production of products containing cannabidiol.

  • How to consume CBD flower?

    When consuming CBD flower, there are several possibilities that optimize the therapeutic benefits or other medicinal virtues. Vaporization is an ideal solution to preserve our respiratory tract from the effects of tobacco. The consumption of therapeutic cannabis in infusions (drinking herbal tea) is also an excellent possibility to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol: simply let it infuse in boiling water without forgetting to add fat because CBD is fat-soluble.

  • Free delivery of CBD flowers UK

    At 321 CDB, the delivery of CBD flowers is Free in UK and countries of the European Union without minimum purchase.

  • What are CBD crystals?

    The CBD crystal happens to be the purest format of all CBD products. It is manufactured by extraction with CBD and is then transformed into a relatively fine powder resembling snow.

  • How to dissolve CBD crystals?

    Thanks to the CBD Crystals, it is quite possible to make yourself an e-liquid for vapoteuse. Know that the crystal dissolves at 60 ° C. Then you can mix it with a neutral e-liquid to consume it as CBD e-liquid.

  • How to consume CBD crystals?

    There are several ways to consume CBD crystals! The one we recommend is the easiest: the sublingual method. This means placing it under your tongue and holding it for 60 to 110 seconds for maximum effect. This allows your body to grasp all the benefits of cannabidiol since it enters directly into the bloodstream.

    It is also possible to incorporate them into your diet. Indeed, they dissolve very easily in fat such as butter or olive oil without mixing too much when the fat is at a high temperature because it can eliminate the properties of CBD.

  • How to consume the CBD Crumble?

    CBD Crumble is a crystal that contains a very high concentrate of cannabidiol. To be consumed effectively and get all of its benefits, we advise you to ideally vaporize it in a CBD vaporizer.

    Thus, you must:

    - Add 1/3 of CBD crumble to the atomizer
    -. Replace the mouthpiece on the vaporizer
    - Turn on your machine and inhale the vapor that comes out. Hold it for a few seconds before exhaling.

  • What percentage of CBD to choose?

    321CBD advises you to start with a 5% oil to familiarize yourself with the product. However, if you are used to hemp oil, you can switch to higher percentages like 15% or 20%.

    However, your body weight can play a role in the choice of the strength of your oil. If you have above-average body weight, for example, prefer a higher dose to feel all the effects and benefits of the product when absorbing it. Conversely, a lighter bodyweight will require a lower dose.

  • What are the side effects of CBD oil?

    It is natural to ask yourself this question when you are not particularly familiar with CBD. You should know that this molecule in low doses has practically no side effects. However, it can happen in very rare cases of light disorders like diarrhea, drowsiness, or vomiting.

    If this happens to you, consult your doctor to determine the cause of these side effects.

  • How to dose CBD drops?

    To correctly measure the number of CBD drops to be absorbed, 321CBD advises you to start by administering 2 to 3 drops under the tongue at a rate of 2 to 3 times per day. If you feel it, you can increase the number of drops of CBD.

  • What is the price of CBD oil?

    On 321CBD website, you will find CBD oils with free delivery. To satisfy you, we propose a range of prices going from 29,90€ to 89,90€ according to the power of the bottles.

  • What is CBD oil for animals?

    CBD oil for animals is a liquid in oil form that contains a natural molecule from the hemp plant, cannabidiol. This substance helps animals manage their aches and pains, daily anxiety, tense moments, internal inflammation, and various ailments that affect their health.

    CBD oil comes in a pipette bottle and is administered to animals drop by drop. Each animal is different and requires dosing as well as personalized monitoring. CBD oil dosing is based on criteria such as the animal's weight, resistance, health status, and mood.

    Depending on how the animal's health or stress status changes, more or fewer products can be administered to achieve better results. Overall, CBD oil improves the quality of life, mood, and daily life of animals, while providing a feeling of well-being.

  • What animals can be given CBD?

    Scientific studies show that the animals that can benefit from CBD oil are:

    • dogs
    • cats
    • rodents
    • and other pets.

    CBD is a natural and non-psychoactive molecule, has no contraindication for animals or humans. However, the consumption of CBD by animals is different from that of humans and requires adjustments to be fully beneficial.

  • How to give CBD to your pet?

    Scientific studies show that CBD oil has very positive effects on the health and mood of animals daily. In fact, CBD is a non-psychoactive and natural substance that is very beneficial for treating symptoms of diseases whose source or cures are challenging to define.

    For example, Oil of CBD has been shown to be a very potent anticonvulsant for animals with epilepsy. It is also an excellent remedy for osteoarthritis in dogs as it works on pain and increases mobility in animals with a positive diagnosis of osteoarthritis. Studies on the subject are growing and show great promise for the future of CBD oil and the health of animals.

  • How can CBD help my dog, cat, small animals?

    CBD has fantastic effects on animals like:

    • reducing anxiety and panic attacks.
    • the reduction of chronic pain and inflammation.

    It can also improve skin problems by being administered in dermal form using a CBD cream. Once the proper dosage of CBD is determined for the pet, the pet will experience relief in both physical and psychological health.

    The animal is in better shape, is more active, responds better to its owners' requests, and is happier and more playful. The effects of CBD can be seen after only a few days of consumption. For the first time, however, an adaptation period with small doses of CBD oil is necessary to avoid rushing the animal and determine its degree of resistance to this new product. 

  • How to recognize CBD resin?

    To recognize CBD resin (or CBD pollen), you need to pay attention to four essential factors:
    - Its colour: as a rule, CBD hash is green. It may be rather light or dark in color.
    - Its texture: a good quality resin or pollen resides in the texture. If you touch the product and find that it is sticky: that is a good sign!
    - Its trichomes: if your product contains white hairs, that's a good point too!
    - Its golden pistils: make sure the pistils are golden.

  • How to give CBD oil to animals?

    Giving CBD oil to pets is very easy. It is possible to administer CBD oil via the pipette of the bottle directly into the animal's mouth. The second easiest way to give CBD oil to an animal is through its food.

    You can add CBD oil by pouring some into his water or soaking his kibble. You can also add drops of CBD oil that match his dosage into his snack or any other treat that you usually give him.

    It's important to always adhere to CBD dosage that matches your pet's intake and not get carried away with putting too much in their food or water. Animals are smaller beings than humans whose bodies are more sensitive to changes.

  • What dose of CBD oil for pets?

    The dose of CBD that should be administered to pets varies according to the animal's size, weight, health, and mood. Indeed, every being is different and needs a personalized dose of CBD, including humans.

    Therefore, it is important to ensure that the pet's health condition allows it to tolerate natural substances such as CBD. If your pet has specific medical conditions, turn to an animal health professional to determine the ideal dose for their situation.

    If your pet does not have any specific medical conditions, do not hesitate to calculate a basic dose to give for the first time and to keep a daily diary of his reactions to this novelty.

    If he reacts well, you can increase the doses until you reach the ideal amount of CBD for him. For more information on CBD dosing for pets, check out our article Can CBD help pets fight anxiety?

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