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CBD MoonRock 35%

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Description CBD MoonRock 35%

Moonrock, the caviar of cannabis

Unique in its kind, Moonrock stands out from other hemp varieties by its Very high CBD content of 35%.. Meticulously crafted from a mixture of cannabis oil, pollen and skuff, Moonrock is nothing like a traditional CBD flower. In fact, this premium quality product includes only the best elements of cannabis.

With this powerful and concentrated productThe effects of CBD are increased tenfold. Visually, Moonrock is compact and smooth, comparable to a moonstoneAs its name suggests. Its CBD content is much higher than the average, so Moonrock is a product intended for an informed public that has already consumed CBD at a lower percentage.

The making of Moonrock, a powerful cannabis derivative

Moonrock is not just another CBD flower. In fact, it is a manufactured product that is subject to a complex and meticulous process. In order to achieve this, the CBD flowers are first infused in hemp oil. Once impregnated, the flowers are rolled in pollen and skuff, more commonly known as resin. This is how we obtain these small, smooth, brittle moonstones in shades of green and brown. Visually, the result is simply exceptional. But it is above all its pronounced aromas and powerful effects that are the most surprising.

The therapeutic virtues of the Moonrock variety

Known to cause intense relaxing effectsMoonrock CBD flower has a Very high CBD content of 35%.. With the Moonrock, mild product to get started. Ideal for beginners, this CBD flower OG Kush provides a near instantaneous feeling of relaxation, but not too powerful.

Thanks to its Indica heritage, this CBD flower is particularly effective in soothing your physical pains. For a few hours, it will allow you to feel relaxed, in a bubble of softness and well-being. Consumed at the end of the day, it helps you avoid insomnia and regain a quality, deep and regenerative sleep.

The scent of CBD OG Kush flowers

Highly regarded for its outstanding taste, this CBD flower OG Kush delivers acharacteristic pine and lemon scent. Itsintense flavors are truly a hit with regular consumers. To enjoy this delicious CBD flower OG Kush, you can incorporate it into your dishes, drinks, or inhale it through a quality vaporizer. No matter how it is administered, you are going to be seduced by itswoody, fresh, and earthy scents.

MoonRock CBD 35
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