Stress and weight loss: how to regain your appetite naturally?

An appetite is that pleasant feeling we get at the thought of eating. It is controlled primarily by two parts of the brain; the hypothalamus, responsible for stimulating and releasing hormones that trigger hunger until it is satisfied, and the cerebral cortex which is the main seat of intellectual and sensory functions. A good appetite is therefore both an unconscious response and a behaviour.

Stress is often a factor in weight gain but it can also cause the opposite. Indeed, nearly 60% of the world's population reported that temporary stress in the face of particular situations contributed greatly to their weight loss and loss of appetite.

Thankfully, there are natural methods that help to regain appetite gradually and thus, regain a healthy lifestyle. So what are the natural methods and techniques that help regain appetite?

What are the causes of loss of appetite?

Lack of appetite can be due to several factors. It occurs when the receptors responsible for the feeling of satiety and hunger are disturbed. This malfunction can be the result of several causes.

The loss of appetite can be temporary and in this case, natural methods are effective, as it can last over time. In the latter case, it is advisable to consult a doctor as this may conceal serious pathologies.

Loss of appetite is often temporary in the following cases:

  • When faced with stressful situations likely to disrupt the digestive system;
  • Loss of appetite can be a side effect of taking certain medications that tend to dry out the mouth and change the taste of food;
  • Alcohol and tobacco abuse. In this case, we tend to lose our taste and we have less desire to eat;
  • Caffeine: coffee is a real appetite suppressant;
  • Sinusitis and other diseases that affect taste and smell, and other chronic and digestive pathologies.

Loss of appetite can also be due to organic factors and it usually affects older people. In fact, the taste buds present in the mouth tend to decrease with age, which leads to a loss of sensitivity to the taste of food and even to smell.

Does stress promote weight loss?

Stress is an adaptation response of our body to a situation that it considers dangerous and restrictive for our personal balance and our inner peace. In particular, there are four forms of stress in psychology: physical, mental, behavioral and emotional stress.

Stress can have multiple effects on the digestive system:

  • It disrupts the digestive system;
  • It causes stomach pain and bloating;
  • In some cases, it creates diarrhea or constipation.

Stress also affects eating behavior and appetite. Depending on the person, some have cravings to respond to a stressful situation while other people will lose their appetite, they may have nausea, vomiting and a sort of ball of anxiety felt when they think about eat.

However, there are various ways to help manage stress and reduce it to regulate appetite and thus avoid overweight, anorexia and its harmful effects on health and well-being.

causes perte de poids

What are the different symptoms of loss of appetite?

The most obvious symptom of loss of appetite is obviously the fact that you no longer feel the urge to eat and that you feel constantly full. It can also result in a simple decrease in the desire to eat. Other symptoms may also appear like:

  • Decrease in muscle mass and weight loss;
  • General and permanent fatigue and vitamin and nutrient deficiencies;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Diarrhea or constipation, depending on the functioning of the digestive system;
  • A weak immune system;
  • A malfunction of the organs…

Loss of appetite should not be confused with anorexia nervosa. This eating disorder results in a conscious refusal to eat or, conversely, the brain encourages the person to eat excessively without stopping. Anorexia nervosa tries to control weight.

How to restore your appetite naturally?

Loss of appetite can lead to several diseases if it persists. Fortunately, there are natural methods that can help regain hunger.

Do physical exercises

Indeed, a regular practice of a sport helps to regulate the appetite. Bodybuilding or strength training will stimulate and open the appetite. However, sport is also recommended for losing weight, doing sport before eating has an appetite suppressant effect.

Fenugreek seeds to whet the appetite

One of the best-known tips for whetting the appetite is fenugreek tea. Indeed, its seeds have been known since the dawn of time for its health benefits, but it is especially famous for whetting the appetite and promoting weight gain.

How to take it? Just put some fenugreek seeds in a glass of water and let them sit. This infusion should be taken one hour before each meal and each snack for about two weeks. Appetite is stimulated very quickly and weight gain will be remarkable after ten days.

Doing yoga to regulate your appetite

One of the main causes of temporary loss of appetite is stress. This emotional and psychological state that we adopt in the face of situations that we consider important and distressing is a very effective appetite suppressant for some people, and for others, it encourages them to eat more and promotes the risk of overweight and obesity.

In both cases, yoga, in all its forms, is undoubtedly the best way to regulate your appetite. It helps to control stress, manage it and relax through the adoption of postures, stretching and breathing and visualization exercises.

cbd pour retrouver appétit

What is the relationship between CBD and weight?

Cannabidiol, also called CBD, is a molecule found in hemp plants. It is often used in combination with THC, the latter in small quantities, in several therapies in a medical and therapeutic setting to treat pathologies.

What is the impact of CBD on appetite?

THC, a mind-altering substance, is known to induce appetite when consumed in moderation. However, cannabidiol is an effective means against weight gain when it is the result of an emotional and psychological state of stress.

Indeed, CBD helps the consumer to feel more relaxed and relaxed, which leads to a reduction in cravings. In addition, its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties will help regulate the level of sugar present in the blood.

CBD can also intervene at the level of fat storage, it makes it possible to transform bad fat into good fat. However, it should not be abused at the risk of having undesirable side effects.

CBD oils from the hemp plant have an immediate action. An infusion in a drink or sprinkled on a salad, are the best ways to integrate CBD into your diet and suppress your appetite.

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