Survey: who are the real CBD users?

The CBD market is a booming market and has been for a few years now. Since the European continent opened its doors to it, almost the entire population as well as the media and businesses have been interested in it. And for good reason, the many virtues of cannabidiol lead sellers and consumers to be more and more numerous! This is why, in order to better understand its followers, their habits and their motivations, so as to be able to better meet their needs, the CBD industry has conducted several studies aimed at describing the typical profile of the consumer. of cannabidiol. We'll take care of it for you!

Consumer surveys about cannabidiol

Although a lot of research has been undertaken in this direction very recently, to date there are still relatively few studies or surveys carried out among CBD consumers in France and elsewhere in the world. However, today we will rely on a study carried out in 2021 to draw the main conclusions.

As a reminder, the effectiveness of CBD is only judged through the feelings of consumers interviewed in the context of this study.

CBD: why and for whom?

Cannabidiol acts directly on the endocannabinoid system of the brain and can therefore be used to relieve many health problems in humans. The big advantage is that it is not addictive, unlike THC, and you can then consume it without any worries or harmful effects for the body. >

To relieve pain

Although cannabis has been used as an analgesic to reduce pain for millennia (since 2900 BC), it was not until the 20th century that cannabis scientists are actually looking into the plant.

Its discovery is often wrongly attributed to Raphael Mechoulam because it was actually Roger Adams who succeeded in isolating it in 1940, 23 years earlier. The latter was a brilliant biochemist from the University of Illinois.

As numerous studies have shown, CBD can reduce all types of pain such as those related to inflammation of the sciatic nerve or even multiple sclerosis.

Against anxiety and depression

Various studies suggest that CBD has incredible anxiolytic properties. Cannabidiol users found themselves more relaxed than non-users in a similar situation.

cbd consumer

To get rid of acne and skin problems

Being a natural anti-inflammatory, CBD is able to reduce the inflammation responsible for the skin pathology of acne. In addition, it can act as a sebum regulator and stops the production of inflammatory cytokines.

Against neurodegenerative diseases

Knowing that CBD is an excellent vasodilator, it can be an ally of choice for taking care of your heart, at any stage of life. You should know that high blood pressure is the main cause of heart attacks.

For sportsmen and great athletes

CBD helps to recover much faster after physical exertion, such as intense training or competition, thanks to its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition to this, cannabidiol promotes falling asleep and therefore allows you to have quality, more restorative sleep, which is a real asset when you practice a sport regularly.

Finally, we all know that sport is far from being just a question of physics because the mind is also a big part of it. In this regard, every athlete should look into the virtues of CBD which boosts concentration. It might then be a good idea to consume it before an event to stay "focused" from start to finish.

Who consumes CBD?

Men more attracted to cannabidiol than women

The male representation is very strong. Indeed, the majority of cannabidiol users seem to be men since they represent a total of 66% according to the information collected, compared to 31% of women.

What is the level of education of users of CBD products?

Men have a higher level of education for 41% of them. Finally, just over half have a professional activity.

How old are the average CBD users?

The typical consumer is quite young since 21% are between 18 and 26 years old while people between 30 and 40 years old who consume CBD are only 31%. In last place, we find the seniors with barely 12% for the 50 to 60 year olds and 10% for the over 60s.

What is the standard of living of cannabidiol users?

40% have a so-called "modest" income, receiving no more than 3,800 euros per year and 29% report receiving a salary of between 3,800 and 7,600 euros per month. Then only 16% earn more than 7,600 euros.

The consumption preferences of users of CBD products

How often and how are CBD products consumed?

59% of respondents, almost two-thirds, consume cannabidiol at least once a day. Those who consume light cannabis flowers are more likely to do so in the company of others people for 40% of them against only 15% of CBD oil consumers.

who uses cbd

What types of products are consumed in priority?

The most consumed products in general are CBD oils and flowers. On the one hand, we have women who use oils more (up to 71%) while men have a preference for flowers (up to 68%).

What is CBD used for?

Respondents gave the following main reasons for using CBD products:

  • 65% of them cited the desire to improve their well-being,< /li>
  • 40% want to reduce certain pathological pains,
  • 33% want to use legal cannabis to reduce their THC consumption,
  • 7% seek to improve their athletic performance.

Well-being and health

The survey also tells us that 50% of the total number of respondents mainly use CBD for the purpose of relieving stress and for relaxation. 46% seek to combat their insomnia problems and therefore hope to improve the quality of their sleep. Then, more than a quarter of respondents expect CBD to reduce their various pains and inflammations (26%).


The alleviation of psychological disorders is sought by 14% of consumers surveyed and finally, 12% try to combat a pathology such as osteoarthritis or Crohn's disease, etc.

How Effective Do Consumers Find CBD?

Regardless of the expected benefits, 43% of them consider obtaining a "strong" effect and 14% find the effect "very strong". Regular users are found to be more convinced than new followers. Indeed, novices are generally less satisfied at the start and become so later when they have more perspective on the benefits obtained.

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